Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Staycation

I took a staycation. And it. was. awesome. I have been wanting to take a staycation for a while, but wanted to do it at the right time. After working 29 days and only having two days during that time where I was off work and home, I figured I was overdue. So, I took advantage of the free Fourth of July holiday, and took almost a full week off of work! Here are some pictures from the week:

Fourth of July and our awesome outfits:

And here are Mark and I at another Fourth of July gathering, watching fireworks:

I feel like I need to add that Mark and I met at a fireworks stand back in 1998, so he always says our relationship "started with fireworks". This gives every fireworks display more meaning. (-:

I planted some beautiful flowers:

Someone got too friendly with the sprinkler and had to get blow-dried:

Someone else got groomed and is officially the cutest poodle ever:

I had girl time with lots of friends - and one friend and I happened to both have on polar bear pajamas, so I figured that was photo worthy:

I watched lots of Harry Potter in preparation for the newest  movie this week:

Cookie baking definitely took place (more than once):

Mark and I attended a wedding reception and they had cupcakes that we got to eat and decorate:

And last but not least, I got to spend extra time with Jesus, and that was wonderful:

One of my favorite things was not setting my alarm each night when went to bed, and not waking up before around 10:00am. (-: That was pretty awesome. 

So, I am a lover of the staycation. It was super cheap (I only spent money on flowers to plant, one skirt I bought, coffee at a coffee shop, and baking ingredients). For a vacation, you really can't beat that. And it was nice to slow down and not be busy. 

Have you ever had a staycation?



  1. That sounds like a great vacation! And you met your husband at a fireworks stand? I'd love to hear that story!

  2. LOVE IT! I need to take another few days off here soon. ITs the best!

    ♥ theMRS.

  3. I have had one, and I definitely need another one ASAP! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. aren't you guys just absolutely adorable?! thanks for the comment about gluten-free stuff! luckily i have a best friend who is celiac that can steer me along, but yeah - i thought it would be easy and the more i look into it, it's in SOOO many things! we'll see how it all works!


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