Thursday, March 31, 2011


Oh, Prom. Do you remember yours? I'm assuming you pretty much all do remember unless you've tried to block it out. I have been thrust right back into prom and all of it's drama, as Karlie is entering prom season.

Perhaps you were the girl who had the steady boyfriend, so there was no drama, just the understanding that you guys would go together and have a great time. Or, perhaps, you were like me. The relationship phobe. The girl who was liked mainly by the weird quirky guys who she was afraid to get asked to prom by. The girl who was afraid to say no when asked by said quirky guy. The girl who was wishing for a certain guy or two to ask her but knew that it wouldn't happen. The girl who took matters into her own hands and asked a guy to avoid being asked by quirky guys. If you were like me, prom brought on some serious anxiety.

Neither of my proms were bad. I went with friends both years. And I had a good time. Hung out with friends, ate good food, danced (even though at my school nobody danced... weird... I know... But I danced anyway since I'm such a good dancer **cough**), and then went to someone's house afterward for more fun. Here's a pic to prove the fun I had at my senior prom:

See? Fun is written all over my face.

Now it's Karlie's turn. She is getting ready for three proms. Yes, folks, this chick has everything goin' for her and is going to three different proms. (She actually got invited to a fourth but turned it down because she figured three was enough. Ha.). She is even frugal enough to borrow prom dresses from friends. And she is even getting the guys to ask her in uber creative ways. When I was in high school you just got asked to prom. Via note or phone call. Karlie completed a scavenger hunt this past Sunday to be asked to one prom, and is apparently looking forward to her other "official" invitations (even though she has already said yes - this is all new to me).

Her first prom is this weekend. So, we are in the midst of spray tans, hair styles, where to eat dinner, who's taking who, and pictures. Here's to hoping we survive April...

So... how was YOUR prom? Does this bring back the memories?

Oh, prom. Whose idea was this anyway?


Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Wall 'O Awards

We all like to get that occasional pat on the back. Heck, we all would even take regular pats on the back if they were given (at least I would). Well, as my friend Cristal said on her blog, the older we get, the fewer opportunities we have to get awards. It is so true.

You all remember those very ceremonious ceremonies in elementary, middle, and even high school. All of your peers were crammed into the school gym and you held your breath hoping to hear your name called for something - as long as it wasn't "most improved". When it was called, your chest all puffed up and you walked forward, suddenly realizing you are in front of all your peers, and then you become very nervous. Your parents were there, taking pictures, and you then had yet another certificate to file away in that box of sentimental belongings.

Well, while I might be almost 26 25, I thrive on words of affirmation and awards, and I don't even care how cheesy they are. I'm of the "Oh, go on" group of people when someone starts complimenting me. My parents have always marveled at how I could always tell if someone was talking about me, even from another room, and I would run in and  say, "What are you saying about me?", because come on, if positive things are being said, I need to hear them. I definitely hear enough negatives! (-: And they say (whoever "they" is) that it takes seven positive things to make up for one negative. Yeah, do the math on that.

So, I decided I needed some positive reinforcement at my place of business. Which is an overall positive place, but sometimes you just need that extra little affirmation. So, I give you.... Exhibit A: Wall 'O Awards:

Working from the top down, yes, I was a cheerleader in high school, and that is from my sophomore year when we were State Runners-Up and were in the local newspaper. I had to remember those glory days. The big blue ribbon is from when I was the World's Best Horse Rider... I mean... I won the Tulsa Fall Charity Horse show because of my awesome equestrian skills. The pink post-it is a note from a choir member because sometimes you just need to know you are loved. (-: And the yellow ribbon is from my awesome music theory skills. The certificate you see directly below that is something that is very much related to my current job. When I was in eighth grade, I won the award for fastest typing when I typed 58 words per minute. (I would like it to be known that this morning I clocked 118 words per minute, so I am much improved since 8th grade.) And then below that is a piano certificate, one of like five million that I got over the years.

So, those are the awards I look at when I need a pick me up. And actually, I just put them up there for some comedic value. I do need some more updated awards, since the most recent one I have is from 2000. Hmmm.....

So, what about you? Do you have any reminders of your awesomeness around? (-:

Happy Thursday!


Monday, March 21, 2011

I Want A Garden

So apparently, it's springtime. It's no surprise for most people, but for me, it's as if I totally forgot this season existed. Or that perhaps I thought it wouldn't be coming to my neighborhood for a few more months. A few weeks ago this started sprouting up around my mailbox:

You would think that those would have sent of the alarm that spring is coming and I need to get with it. Start planning. But no. I kept hearing people say you need to cut back the monkey grass. What did I do? Well, of course I waited until 10:00 the night before we left for Guatemala in mid March and then took some rudimentary scissors onto my porch and started cutting away.

But yesterday, it really hit me. I saw a garden... planted.... on a friend's blog. The garden I said I wanted my whole life. And then I thought - it's too late. I've ruined my own plans for a garden. I won't be able to have the fresh and free produce I have always wanted.

But then, reality set in and I realized it's still March. I can make this a reality. So. I am now investigating and researching and hoping to get some gardening started this weekend.

Anyone have any pointers? I am wanting to grow tomatoes, spinach, umm... jalapenos for Mark, and I'm not sure what else yet, but there will be more. So... hopefully this project will start soon and you can enjoy all my victories and defeats right along side me. I'm afraid there may be more defeats than victories, but hey, you have to start somewhere, right? (-:

So, if ANY OF YOU have ever gardened, I'm going to need your advice and pointers. Pronto. So press that comment button.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Weekend In Denver

I spent this past weekend in the great state of Colorado. As shocking as it may seem, it was my first time to really visit Colorado. And I loved it. I went to visit my sweet and fabulous friend, Allison. Yes, here she is, getting ready to help me pound that cinnamon roll at a local Denver mall. By the way, she's 5' 3" and doesn't even weigh 100 pounds. Small but mighty.

So, outside of gorging ourselves with cinnamon rolls, what did we do, you ask? Well, lots of things! We obviously went shopping! My sister called me a brand name hoar because I got a NorthFace fleece and a Marmot jacket from the local REI, which we don't have around here. The cool thing is that the NorthFace was on sale, and I got the Marmot rain coat out of the kids section, so it was cheaper. And it's purple!!!

I also got lots of cute things, including fun boutiquey clothes from some cute boutiques around town.

Did we see mountains, you ask? Heck yes, we did. And they were beautiful. Here I am, all surrounded by some pretty huge mountains:

Close up:

Perhaps the most epic part of the trip was when we visit the grave of the one and only Buffalo Bill Cody. I know, right? Here I am, paying homage:

And of course when I came across a Bison near the grave, I had to take a pic in honor of my alma mater:

God Bless OBU.

Here we are, giving our best Annie Oakley/Wild West impersonation:

We also had some local root beer that was AWESOME.

Other things we did included watching multiple movies, visiting Allison's church in Denver, which I loved, getting an eyebrow arch from a local fancy salon, eating lots of fun food from all the best places to eat, some football with her friends, and I even tagged along on a babysitting gig to experience the locals. (-:

We had a great time, and Allison was even generous enough to take me to the airport at 5:00 in the morning! My boss said, "She must be a good friend to do that." Yes, she is a good friend, indeed. Thanks Allison!!!


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