Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's Welcome Karlie to the Blogosphere

Well, folks, Karlie has decided to start a blog. Of course, I couldn't be more proud. (-:

Since I haven't gotten the energy yet to post pics of the baby shower I hosted this weekend (sneak unfinished peek below),

 and since I've had a headache for 11 days now and been doing a lot of this:

I'm going to leave the blogging up to Karlie for the day.

If you want to get a closer look at how awesome Karlie is, (and even if you don't, go anyway) then you should check out her new blog. She already posted her first post, and is working on picking her perfect layout as we speak.

Click HERE for Karlie's blog.

So give her a welcome to the blog world. You know we all love comments.

Happy Monday!


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  1. Katharine! Oh my gosh! I have missed out on SO MUCH over here! Ever since I left Windy Poplars and moved to Kristin's Veranda, I've lost touch with all my old peeps, and today I just decided that I miss them all too much and am making the rounds to reconnect and see what everybody's been up to! My husband and I are huge Harry fans too, and this ending was a bittersweet moment. We didn't go to a midnight showing, but we did have a party and go with friends, does that count?? ;-). I also love that you've "adopted" a daughter! We've always had in the back of our minds having our home open to anyone who might need a place to stay, but our current home just doesn't work for that. Hopefully in the future...I'm freshly inspired by your story! Well, I'd better run dear. It was great catching up!


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