Thursday, November 24, 2011


What are you thankful for? No really. Think about it. I've been thinking about it lately. I guess really it's easy because a couple of the things I am most thankful for are currently sitting on each side of me watching the parade with me.

I'm thankful for my sweet husband, Mark. Do you ever love someone so much when you think about it you think you might just explode? That's how I feel. And I'm thankful. He is the most serving person I know - you just have to be around him for a few minutes and you will be blown away by his servant's heart. I am also so proud of him - he's basically a genius. If I have a question about anything sports related, if I need directions, or need random trivia answered, I just ask my hubby and he knows. It's remarkable. And he also gives such good perspective on anything. If I'm handling something in a way that I shouldn't, if I talk to someone in a way that is not kind, or if my perspective is skewed, he gently tells me, and for that I am so thankful. While he supports me, he holds me accountable for my actions. He's my steady beat. (-: I am also thankful that he, like me, doesn't care what other people think. It's kind of a bad combo at times, but boy, we sure have fun. Mark will have random dance parties with me in our music room, he will participate in the girliest of events if it is important to me, and he loves me. And I love him.

I'm thankful for Karlie Ann. I'm thankful that she keeps me on my toes in the way Mark and I relate to one another. I'm thankful for the fresh perspective she brings to life that only someone who has experienced deep loss can bring. I am regularly amazed at her level-headedness and the way she doesn't get wrapped up in so many things girls her age do. I am thankful that she calls Mark or me whenever she needs anything, no matter what time. I am thankful that her calling to missions reminds me that perhaps I should be more mindful of missions myself. Many people really don't understand our relationship with Karlie and I can't expect them to - but I am thankful that our family has been forever changed for the better.

I'm thankful for our home. We regularly say, "don't you just love our home?" It's perfect for us and I love it. Of course I could go on and on about the things I am thankful for.

To sum it up, thank you, Jesus, for everything. For allowing me to be a part of your purpose, and for this season of my life, which is currently pretty great.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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