Thursday, July 12, 2012

Extreme Summer of Weddings 2K12

Well, folks, it's over.

I survived. Of course, I got sick two days after it was all complete, but I'm coming out on the other side and I'm still alive.

In the last eight weekends, I participated in three weddings and hosted 3.5 showers. This is one tired (and broke) girl.

Every wedding was different, fun, and unique and its own way. The first wedding was a fun outdoor wedding for my college roommate in her parents' backyard:

My other college roommate got married at the beautiful Dallas Baptist University, and we had such a fun weekend. Two of my roommates got tattoos. I was paying for mine when I realized my wallet was missing and I didn't have my id. The one time in my life I do something crazy and I didn't have my wallet! No tattoo for me. )-:

And finally, my sister got married!!!!! She got married at the Marland Mansion in Ponca City. It was outside and beautiful. We don't have many pictures yet, but here's a sneak peek!

And this is me, after it's all over:



  1. They all look fabulous and you were gorgeous in each of them. My hubby is from PC btw.

  2. You look hott in that robe on the kitchen counter! Glad you were cozy in it. You were the best BM/MOH ever!


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