Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Break

I am having my own instituted Fall Break. It's not an actual "Fall Break", but I finished up my finals in my classes on Wednesday, and my next class doesn't start until Monday. I should be doing my reading for my new class. But, instead, I'm enjoying a break, since technically my new class hasn't started yet.

So, I am living. it. up. To the extreme. Times a million.

After work on Thursday I went to this awesome craft night that the women's ministry at my church hosted, and this is what I made:

I also got to talk to the most awesome small group leader at our church while we worked on our crafts:

Isn't that so fun? I added the little "J", and I must say that I'm not at all disappointed that the color is OSU orange. (-:

After craft night, Mark and I rushed off to see part of the Tulsa Opera's dress rehearsal of "Daughter of the Regiment." It was AWESOME.

Then Mark and I came home and we watched the documentary, "Forks Over Knives."

You can get it on Amazon, and you should definitely watch it. This is one of those things I have always known that I would like, since I loved "Food, Inc." but hadn't seen yet. Mark has been flirting with the idea of eating more vegan since reading Scott Jurek's book, "Eat and Run". I knew this documentary would be something we would like, and potentially dietary habit changing, so we watched it. It shows the benefits of eating a whole foods plant based diet, and it's pretty remarkable. We are going to try to eat more vegan more often. (-:

Today I woke up and worked out at my usual body pump class at my gym, and then I came home and therapeutically cleaned my room. There's something about not being able to clean that really makes you want to do it. Homework is generally my priority when I'm home from work during the semester, so since I'm on this self instituted Fall Break, I let myself clean my room and listened to some "She and Him".  It was pretty great. I even had some quality time with the pups:

After that, Mark and I loaded up to do some fun shopping at one of my favorite places, Whole Foods, and I had this yummy veggie sushi roll for lunch (working on our new vegan menu):

That was lots of fun, and we got lots of fun new things to try, including hummus mix, which they had in the bulk section. And we love us some hummus.

After our leisurely trip to WF, it was time for some fall fun with our friends Alex and Aaron! Alex and I have become friends through the women's mentoring ministry. She and I are kindred spirits, and we have quickly formed a close friendship that I treasure very deeply. And her husband isn't that bad, either. (-:

We loaded up and heading our to our local pumpkin patch, because nothing says fall more than a pumpkin patch. There is a particular little gem of a pumpkin patch south of Tulsa that includes millions of different types of pumpkins and gourds, local fudge and jam, a freakishly dark corn maze, and a petting zoo that included everything from camels to turtles. The Great Pumpkin, eat your heart out. 

Isn't that little piglet adorbs?! They were so precious. You might think the fun ended at the pumpkin patch. You would be wrong. We had an awesome dinner at Chipotle, and then went home to make caramel apples!

And the thing is, Saturday hasn't even happened yet! We're still awake, watching Hulu, and imagining how awesome it will be to sleep in tomorrow. And then, college football Saturday. All day. And some vegan chili we are making tomorrow. This could possibly be the best weekend I've had. Ever. (-;

I hope you are giving yourself a Fall Break as well. What's your favorite thing about Fall? (-:



  1. I know Alex, and you two really are kindred spirits! :) How fun! I know I don't know you that well, but you have always been a friend where I wish our paths crossed a bit more... I just know we have a lot in common. :)

  2. I think it was a wise call to take a quick break in between your classes. And it looks like you had such a good time!
    I love so many things about fall...trees changing color, cooler temps, baking, pumpkin, fall decorations, college football...I don't think I could pick just one!

  3. That's our favorite pumpkin patch! We were there just last week :-).

    I knew Alex when she was a little girl . . . and more recently have seen photos of her with a friend's children (that she nannied for). So funny that you're friends with her, too!


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