Thursday, August 1, 2013

One Last Post about Hannah's Hope

I know it's probably getting obnoxious, but I want to share our article that was placed in our church newsletter regarding Hannah's Hope. From now on, I may talk about it a bit, but my blog isn't going to be solely devoted to it. However, you can bet there will still be talk about pregnancy loss.

First of all, I got this pendant that I love and I want to share. I wear it with my opal (October birthstone) charm that I have.

Now on to the main production. Check out our article in the August issue of Insight!

Enjoy! (-:



  1. That was a great article, and a beautiful necklace! I think you're doing great things to glorify God with your pain!

  2. I just randomly googled "blog nerd ministry", not expecting to find such a powerful story of hope in the midst of loss. Thank you for sharing both your story and your lives with others in the church. I will be praying that the Hope Boxes find their way into the right hands, and that those boxes help those women/couples feel the immensity of God's love and healing.


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