Saturday, May 3, 2014

Peace and Quiet

Peace and quiet, hand in hand. Companions.
Working in the yard. Flowers and vegetables and thoughts. Peace and quiet. 
Peace and Quiet. Uninterrupted sleep until the alarm sounds.
Car rides around town, conversation and music. Peace and Quiet.
Dinnertime. Peace and Quiet. Clanking silverware, conversation. 
Evenings without plans. What to do? Peace and quiet.

It’s funny how quiet can be so loud. Quiet is loud when you know something is missing. 
When quiet is an adversary of peace. When things should look differently.

Working in the yard. Cooing and laughing, distracting the gardeners.
Sleep. Short increments. Always interrupted. 
Car rides around town. Crying until sleep sets in. The same song over and over.
Dinnertime. Food thrown on the table, meltdowns inevitable.
Evenings without plans. Bathtime. Books. Exhaustion. 

Sometimes quiet speaks for itself. 

Yearning for noise and what’s missing today. 



  1. Beautiful description of this difficult season. I think of you often and pray that noise and action will soon fill your home.


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