Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I had an interesting conversation with my boss this week. The conversation between myself and my boss went something like this:

My Boss: "blah blah blah blah when you fidget blah blah blah blah blah"

Me: "Wait, WHAT?! I fidget? What do you mean I fidget?"

My Boss: "(picking up a pen) Well, you know, like this...."

He then proceeded to take the pen and click it incessantly and then rub the end of it all over the desk and just roll it around on the desk.

I was shocked. I had been totally busted. I had been accused of being a fidgeter.

But that was just fine. I would just stop fidgeting. I declared to my boss that I would no longer be fidgeting, and properly placed my hands neatly in my lap - and didn't let them move.

So a couple hours went by. And I realized.

I fidget. A lot.

We're talking pen tapping, doodling, pen clicking, desk writing, chair spinning, the whole bit.

But I was bound and determined to stop.

A couple more hours went by and the fidgeting slipped out of my mind. My boss and a co-worker were in my office, and we were chatting.

Without realizing it, I was chatting away, clicking my pen, swinging in my chair, rolling my pen on the desk, not realizing that my appendages were totally out of my control.

Then my boss reared back and pointed his finger at me and yelled:


I have no hope. I am a Kathryn, the Fidgeter.


  1. lol you are the cubicle neighbor from hell! I wonder if there is a help group =D

  2. Gee, doesn't the snuggie hamper your fidgeting at all?

  3. LOL! Fidgeters unite!! HAHAH.I constantly shake my foot!! :)

  4. You should tell your boss to back off! Then make him an apple pie.

  5. I fidget, too. It is so hard to stop!!

  6. I am guilty of fidgeting! In meetings I am constantly clicking the pen and I don't realize I am doing it.. everyone must hate me. :)


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