Tuesday, November 24, 2009



I'm sitting at the office building at my apartment complex waiting.

For a locksmith.

Because I locked my keys in my car.

Me = Awesome.

Since I'm sitting in here I decided to write a blog post. So now you can all feel sorry for me. (-:

On the bright side, I ordered a new vacuum cleaner that should be arriving today and I'm pretty stoked about it. Shortly, there will be before and after photos and a run down of my new purchase. So get excited.

Good luck to you all - keep your keys with you at all times!!!!



  1. aww girl I've done that so many times. I even say that's how I met my husband but that's a long story. Anyway cheer up cause I tagged you guys for an award on my page :)

  2. Haha, what's up with us married chicks...we LOVE getting new vaccuums!?

    Happy Thanksgiving, girl!

  3. yeah, definatly been there. I did it at the pediatricians office one day. big bummer.


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