Tuesday, February 22, 2011


You may remember that ever since Brinkley, we have been on the hunt for a standard poodle. We recently added the cutest standard poodle puppy of all time to our family, so we are excited to share.

Please give a warm welcome to Boo Johnson:

Is that not the absolute cutest puppy you've ever seen?! He has the SWEETEST personality. We are absolutely thrilled. He is so calm, and friendly to everyone. He's very curious and alert and just follows us through the house and then will sit and let you pet him forever. He and Melvin are already best friends.

He just loves to stare at you with those adorable eyes. He is just over four months right now and weighs a little more than 30 pounds. He is going to be a big guy.

We had a little scare with him at first when he got a urinary tract infection. The infection is gone but he is still drinking and peeing a little too much (but much improved since the infection) so we are giving him water three times a day and it's helped tremendously. It's kind of like he's a compulsive drinker and just drinks because he likes to. We are hoping he will grow out of this. Other than that, he is the absolute perfect dog!

Boo started his puppy obedience class tonight and was by far the best dog in the class, and no, I'm not biased. (-:

One last picture. This is Boo with Melvin, and then Karlie's dog, Bella, and one of my mom's dogs that she brought over to my house one day. Oodles of poodles. (-:



  1. I love Boo!!!!!!!!! I love his color. :o)

  2. What an adorable puppy!! I'm sure he'll be a fabulous addition to the family.

    Have an Extraordinary Day!

  3. Cute, Kathryn! :) We need a puppy at our house.

  4. Boo is precious! So cute! And you can be biased AND it be the truth that he was the best dog in his obedience class. We have two dogs and they are definitely my babies. I understand how important they are to your family.

  5. LOL what is the little silver dog? Sasha?
    Bring Boo to norman!!! yayy! Ill pick up a free puppy from walmart so he can play with someone.


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