Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Weekend In Denver

I spent this past weekend in the great state of Colorado. As shocking as it may seem, it was my first time to really visit Colorado. And I loved it. I went to visit my sweet and fabulous friend, Allison. Yes, here she is, getting ready to help me pound that cinnamon roll at a local Denver mall. By the way, she's 5' 3" and doesn't even weigh 100 pounds. Small but mighty.

So, outside of gorging ourselves with cinnamon rolls, what did we do, you ask? Well, lots of things! We obviously went shopping! My sister called me a brand name hoar because I got a NorthFace fleece and a Marmot jacket from the local REI, which we don't have around here. The cool thing is that the NorthFace was on sale, and I got the Marmot rain coat out of the kids section, so it was cheaper. And it's purple!!!

I also got lots of cute things, including fun boutiquey clothes from some cute boutiques around town.

Did we see mountains, you ask? Heck yes, we did. And they were beautiful. Here I am, all surrounded by some pretty huge mountains:

Close up:

Perhaps the most epic part of the trip was when we visit the grave of the one and only Buffalo Bill Cody. I know, right? Here I am, paying homage:

And of course when I came across a Bison near the grave, I had to take a pic in honor of my alma mater:

God Bless OBU.

Here we are, giving our best Annie Oakley/Wild West impersonation:

We also had some local root beer that was AWESOME.

Other things we did included watching multiple movies, visiting Allison's church in Denver, which I loved, getting an eyebrow arch from a local fancy salon, eating lots of fun food from all the best places to eat, some football with her friends, and I even tagged along on a babysitting gig to experience the locals. (-:

We had a great time, and Allison was even generous enough to take me to the airport at 5:00 in the morning! My boss said, "She must be a good friend to do that." Yes, she is a good friend, indeed. Thanks Allison!!!



  1. Looks like such a fun time.....the mountains are gorgeous!

  2. Looks like a fun trip! I love Colorado.

  3. Ah, I loved every minute of it! Now It is my turn to come visit.....It was so good to see you :)

  4. I just got a purple coat too, and I LOVE it! Looks like you had a great trip. What gorgeous scenery!


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