Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On the Road Again

Well, hello, everyone! I am blogging from a charter bus right now, somewhere in between Destin, Fl, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am on my way back from our church's youth choir tour. I feel really legit blogging from a wifi card on a bus.

Our trip has just been fantastic. We ministered to lots of people through singing the Word of God over them, and we had lots of great fellowship, and of course, lots of wonderful beach time. I don't have any pics right now of the choir singing, since I couldn't take pics while singing, but I do have some beach pics, which I will most definitely share. (-:

This is the view from my room - how stinkin' cool is that? I stayed with a couple of sweet ninth grade girls and another sponsor.

Karlie and I got to spend some quality beach time together, too. (-:

Being a church choir trip, I was on a hunt for a one piece swim suit. Now, I don't know about you, but I have the HARDEST time finding a one piece that fits. I think I have a long torso, so the one pieces never seem long enough. It's like I'm always having to try to pull them up and stretch them out and it's usually frustrating, and never flattering. But, this time I splurged. I bought a one piece that is supposed to be super cute and look decent. And I'm glad I did. You guys all need to check out and see their really cool and vintage one and two-piece swimsuits.

Mark didn't get to go. And I missed him a lot. I'm pretty sure he missed us a lot to. We sent lots of pics to him like these throughout the week:

We will be home tonight and we are excited to see Mark, Boo, Melvin, and Bella. We are very ready for that. (-:

Happy Wednesday, everyone!



  1. Looks like fun! I got a one piece bathing suit this summer too, for the first time in many summers! I LOVE it! I may never wear a two piece again!

  2. Your one pieces are so adorable!!! I have many amazing memories of church choir trips. I'm sure you all had a blast! And you are super legit blogging on the bus! I'm praying you all make it home safe and sound!

  3. I love your one piece...that is adorable! :)

  4. The one piece is awesome. Seriously. you look adorable. Is Karlie's from Target? I think I tried that on and felt really fat. I always feel fat in one pieces...which doesn't make sense, but it's true.

    Does your church have an active youth choir? When I was in the youth the choir was the cool place to hang out. We took trips and did musicals and it was great. Now there isn't even a youth choir at Arrow Heights anymore, and I think that is just sad.


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