Saturday, September 3, 2011

Joni Mitchell for John G (A Vlog)

Yesterday, as I was procrastinating my homework, I pulled out my guitar and started playing lots of random songs. Then, when Mark and Karlie got home, they wanted "Both Sides, Now", by Joni Mitchell, which I hadn't done in forever. So Mark tuned my guitar into one of her very odd tunings, and I rummaged through the internet to find a remotely accurate version in that open tuning.

With my new fancy computer I recorded it for Mark, because it's his favorite, and then I just knew of one other person who would really appreciate it. The number one fan of my blog - my Uncle John G straight from sunny SoCal. He's one of my favorite people in the world, and I just wish we could see him more often.

Here I am - the one one the left making the weird face, holding the bunny, with my parents and John G, who is kneeling by my brother:

And here we are at my wedding - he flew all the way in from California and surprised us. It made the day.

And here we are, about a year ago, when Mark and I went to visit him in California:

He's pretty swell. So, I'm putting this song up for him - everyone else: you are welcome to watch it, although you might find it incredibly boring. (-: I figured since all the cool kids were doing Vlogs this week, I should, too.

I hope you like it, Uncle John! (-: xoxo (



  1. One of my favorite songs of all time! Thanks for have such a beautiful voice! Have you seen Love Actually? I love that heartbreaking scene where Emma Thompson is alone in her room after realizing that her husband is having an affair and this song is playing.

  2. popi and i enjoyed, she boogied and i watched, thanks!

  3. Wow! Your voice is so beautiful. Since we don't actually know each other, just have so many wonderful friends in common, I had no idea you were so talented.

  4. Hey girl, thanks for posting on my natural childbirth post. I forgot to e-mail you back, so I just commented underneath yours - go check it out.

    I wasn't trying to open a can of worms...just trying to bring the funny out. :) Hope you are doing well!


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