Sunday, October 2, 2011

Well, Hello, October!

Dude. Seriously. It's October. I'm pretty pumped. I mean, we've got football season, we've got pumpkins, we are getting closer to the most wonderful time of the year, and last but not least, my half-birthday is celebrated during October. So I'd say it's an all around fabulous month.

But, September happened. And yeah, I haven't really said much about that month. Probably because my life has been consisting of this:

Don't let the artsy photo fool you. That is homework. Those are flash cards. I have a love-hate relationship with homework. I love the learning, but hate the work. Hmm.... So, I've been doing a lot of that. And that has left me... plum. tuckered. out.

What else happened in September? Well, our garage door broke. And that was pretty epic. Because, well, who knew garage doors are expensive to fix? And who knew that the garage door repair people aren't exactly your friendly professional repair men? I mean, this guy was nice and all, but I'm not gonna lie: when I first saw him, I thought it might be my last day on earth.

Mark affectionately referred to him as "grizzly adams", and he didn't fix the garage. So our cars are in the driveway until we are rich enough to fix the garage door, which is not today.

I also accomplished a goal of mine: I made my own laundry detergent. See how excited I am?

Yeah, it's super awesome. Clean clothes, and you have no idea how cheap it is. DO IT.

Here's the awesome pumpkin in front of our house for Fall:

We also celebrated one full year in our wonderful home. What a tremendous blessing it has been. Love. Love. Love.

And to Dave Ramsey's great delight, we paid off my student loans. Glory be. Now we just have Mark's student loans and we are golden. Two more years? We'll see! Woot.

And last but not least, I decided to switch out my wedding ring for something completely different. I had to special order it and it will take a while to come in, but I am so excited. Here's a pic:

Yeah, it's totes two-tone gold and a beautiful garnet. So excited. Love.

Well, those are my September updates. I know it's completely lame that I haven't posted. But dude, guys, I'm working full time and in grad school. It's all I can do to get enough sleep to function. Good news? In two weeks I will only have ONE class, so my load should be significantly lighter and we can be BFFs again.

Oh, and I've noticed a lot of posts about babies. Everyone in blog world and in the real world is pregnant. And we're talking round two here - my friends are having their SECOND children. When did my friends start having kids? Everyone is growing up so quickly! At our house, we are happy with our canine kids, thank you very much. But also happy for everyone else. (-:

Well, I've put off studying as long as I can. If you feel so obliged, you should comment so I know you haven't completely defriended me since my absence. Thanks guys. 




  1. Whoa, where did you find the jumbo size borax? I've been making my own laundry soap too and a friend of mine clued me in to a great tip. I was hand grating the bar soap and she instead freezes the bar for a few minutes, chops it into chunks, then puts in food processor. Mega time and muscle saver! Just thought I'd let you know in case you are hand grating. And beautiful ring! Miss you guys, I so wish we lived near each other! And on the kid front, you'll be glad for these kid free years at the beginning of marriage! Enjoy!

  2. Still here =) Would you mind sharing your recipe for the detergent? I think I may just have to try it! =)

    I hope you're loving grad school! I am thinking, just toying with the idea, of going back soon.

    Also, do you guys follow Dave Ramsey's financial advice? We are thinking about doing it but we keep failing on the "not living like everyone else now" part. We aren't great savers but may want to get better!

    I LOVE your ring! It's gorgoues! =)

  3. HAHA I love the picture of the garage guy AKA Kathryns second boyfriend!
    Cant wait to see your ring when it comes in !
    love you!

  4. OK whats your detergent mix? Ive been wanting to do this. I LOVE borax but I don't know anyone who has done it!

    ♥ theMRS.


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