Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Poodles

You all know we have lots of poodles.

First of all, we have Melvin. Melvin is the epitome of what a poodle should look like, and he knows it. He's like the grand champion of all poodles, and I swear that "Diva" is his middle name. I mean, just look at him:

Complete diva. He has actually started getting more obedient in his old age - he is almost two. We started using the word C-R-A-T-E, and whenever we say it, he immediately stops his bad behavior, sits down, and looks at us as if we he will do whatever we want in order for him to not be put in that terrible abyss. It works rather well.

Next is mister Boo. Actually, his name is Boo, or Boo Radley, Boo Jangles,  Boo-T-Licious, or whatever ridiculous name we come up with at the moment. Boo has a "googly eye" and a very sweet disposition. He is very silly, and he always looks as though he wants to sit and have a conversation with you. I'd like to know what he is thinking.  He's also afraid of other big dogs, and would prefer to play with dogs that weigh ten pounds. Ha.

Here's evidence of the googly eye:

Ha. Is that not hilarious? Boo also recently discovered his reflection. That mirror has been in our house longer than he has and he just now found it:

Boo is also under the impression that he deserves to sleep in our bed every night. On more than one occasion, after kicking him off, we wake up in the morning to find that he somehow weaseled his way back on the bed, with Mark and I smashed to one side or the other. As evidenced in this picture with Karlie, he doesn't mind sharing close quarters to get his way:

I'm sure you are not surprised that we make up songs that go with our dogs names - mainly Boo, because it's much easier to rhyme than Melvin. Ha. My favorite is "Even when I'm with my Boo.... all I think about is.... Melvin" haha. And the most sacrilegious, (to the tune of "Forever Reign" which starts out, "You are good, you are good, when there's nothing good in me...") wait for it... "Mister Boo, Mister boo, you're the best dog in the world, I love you, I love you." I know - we're loony bins. But at least it keeps things interesting. (-:

A fascinating phenomenon is that these two boys think they will catch a squirrel in our backyard. It doesn't matter how many times they fail, every time we open the back door, they run their hearts out after these squirrels. The squirrels are smart enough to immediately climb a tree, yet the pups never give up. Here is some squirrel watching in action as the dogs stare at the squirrels that run on our roof:

And here is Boo, staring out the window:

They never learn.

And finally, we have Karlie's dog, Bella. When I say Karlie's dog, I mean that Bella will be moving out with Karlie when Karlie graduates from college and gets her own place one day. Bella is likely the sweetest dog we have, and also the least attractive. Karlie rescued her from a puppy mill, and many times people don't realize Bella is a poodle:

Ha. Okay, okay, I know. Not the best picture.  She actually can be kind of cute. Check out this glamour shot:

And in case you are wondering, when it comes down to it, Bella is the boss of them all. She can make Boo cry in a heartbeat.

And there you have it. Our poodles. They are pretty great. And here I am with our herd, on a typical evening of doing homework: 

Man's best friend.



  1. Oh, thanks for sharing. It was so wonderful to wake up to this post. I love my pets as well. I have a Maltese that people are always mistaking for a Poodle (looks a bit like Bella.) They are all very precious and I can see bring you much joy :)

  2. Doggy stories! I love them, and I want more!! :)

  3. Are you feeling better in your joints?

  4. What little cuties!! I cannot wait til we move somewhere we can have dogs =D

    p.s. love your curls in the last photo!


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