Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy April!

Well, hello friends. First of all, I want to give people an update on my joints - some of you have asked how I am doing since I reacted terribly to my antibiotic. I am doing okay. Not great - not terrible. I had a bit of a relapse this past Thursday and am still having joint pain/fatigue. It travels to random joints - today it was hip, shoulder, jaw, knees, and feet - not severe, and not all at the same time. Yesterday my hands hurt pretty badly. At this point I'm more depressed than anything. The pain would be more bearable if I knew when it would go away and if I knew why I was hurting. I haven't gone to the doctor yet but will if I am still having problems in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, I have been doing a lot of antibiotic research (which I am going to have to stop, because it's not giving me a lot of hope - yikes!) and it's amazing how many people have major problems with so many different kinds of antibiotics. PLEASE be careful when taking medications. Ask for smaller dosages and safer drugs.

This month is my favorite other than December. Why, you ask? Well, my birthday is this month and I am excited, as always. Can you believe I will be twenty-seven years old? I can't. Ha. But I'm thankful for every day in those almost twenty-seven years.

This weekend a sweet friend and I got to lead worship at a women's retreat. We had a great time, were well received, and left refreshed. It was awesome. Here are a couple pics:

Is anyone planting a garden? We have ours planted! This year, we have two different tomato varieties, a couple jalapeƱos, bell peppers, kale, broccoli (Karlie's pick), mint, and basil. We are very excited. Someone has been eating the kale though - I think it's Bella - through the fence. I'm not very happy about that, obviously.

Our rose bush is growing in the front yard! I am so excited! I planted this a  year ago, and last year we got one measly rose after the original ones fell off. This year the bush seems to be thriving, with one rose today and more coming in. I'm very excited. (-:

I guess that's all for now - I am doing a giveaway soon. So stay tuned. (-:


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