Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Used to Take Art Lessons

Me and my girlfriends did something super awesome this weekend, and no, we didn't get a tattoo. Although, speaking of tattoo, I did decide if I ever get one, that I now know what it would be. (-:

One of my college roomies is getting married, and my BFF Leah and I threw her a bachelorette party/personal shower. Leah came up with the idea to go to a place called "Pinot's Palette" where you learn to paint a picture, and you can also do some wine tasting while you are there. They provide all the supplies and the canvas, and a teacher to teach a class full of people how to paint the same painting.

So, we loaded up and heading to Pinot's. We arrived and they had all of our names already near our assigned canvases - it was so fun!! Here's my place:

You are allowed to bring your own snacks, so we brought fruit, cheese and crackers, and chocolate peanut butter covered almonds. We basically won the award for most awesome snacks. Once we had our snacks settled, it was time to get our smocks on and get ready to paint! Here I am with the other hostess, Leah, with a little moscato from Castello de Poggio - it's my favorite - they serve it at Olive Garden. 

We didn't have any control over what we were painting - we just knew what day we had to do the party on, so we weren't super crazy about the painting they offered that day, but we were good sports about it. (-: Here I am getting my paint on.

A little something you may of may not know about me is that I can be, um, overly kind of competitive and somewhat of a perfectionist. (-: So I set to work on my painting and channeled everything I could remember from art lessons when I was a kid. hehe. I quickly remembered why I "gave up" art - it was because I could never get it to look exactly how I wanted it and always ended up frustrated with whatever project I was working on. Kids - this is not a good reason to give up something you love and are good at, so learn from me. Don't quit! (Side note: I also had a complete meltdown in kindergarten one day because I couldn't draw a diamond - hey that's a complex shape! They pinned a note to my shirt so my mom would know what kind of emotionally unstable kid she had.) Anyway, I guess my art lessons paid off, because random people in the class were coming up to me and asking if I was an artist. I was kind of a celebrity. I told them I used to take art lessons. HA. I'll just let my painting speak for itself. 

I know, call me Monet. And here is Leah, with her finished masterpiece. We are going to quit our day jobs and sell our paintings. (-;

I think Emily (the bride-to-be) had a lot of fun, as is evidenced in this candid shot:

And here she is with another one of our college friends:

The atmosphere was super fun and laid back, and we definitely want to go back. Oh, here's a great shot of me checking Leah's teeth. (-: What are friends for?

Here's a group picture of us with our paintings:

 My coworkers are soon getting the privilege of being able admire my artwork on a daily basis, because that bad boy is totally going up on the wall at my office. Because heck to the no am I putting that up in my house. haha. (-:

So that's my story from Pinot's Palette! (-:

Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. I've heard of places like this! Looks like so much fun - and your painting is so good!

  2. I love the picture of you checking your friend's teeth- a sign of a true friend! It looks like it was a fun night out!

  3. What a COOL idea for a place! Definitely makes for a way more creative bachelorette party! And I am very impressed by your painting - those art lessons really showed through ;)

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  5. Thanks for the lowdown on Pinot's Palette. I've been interested in it since I saw it.

    But what I really want to know is...what would your tattoo be like? :) I've already got mine decided...

  6. very very cute pictures!! looks like you gals had a gr8 time!


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