Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Weekend in Branson

We just got back from an AWESOME family vacation in Branson. I admit I am super bummed and kind of in denial that we are back. Like, I am still wearing my swimsuit and haven't unpacked anything. Except I did get out my new clothes to look at. Hehe. (-:

We went on Friday to an awesome resort in Branson, and we did all kinds of fun things. They had three pools on the resort, and so we got our tan on. For albino people like me, that actually means, we got our SPH 30 sunscreen on. (-:

Me and Karlie jammed out to some Glee as we laid by the pool. 

This resort also had these sweet old school Huffy bikes that we rode around. They were one short on adult bikes, so Karlie and Bekah took turns riding the kid bike. That was pretty funny. Also, I would like to admit that I am a big fraidy cat. I am not surprised, but there were some big hills, and I got off my bike and walked down them instead of riding because I was scared. 

I know, we look super legit. PS, I love Instagram, in case you can't tell.

In addition to biking, we of course had nail salon time, and lots of family bonding. (-:

I was the nail tech. Oh, and I really do have five fingers....

Like and 2012 family, we spent some quality time browsing the world wide web on our respective MacBooks.

The resort also had some canoes and kayaks and paddle boats. After check-out this morning, we went down to the dock and showed all those people our made boating skillz.

I will admit that we later realized adults didn't have to wear life jackets. Then I felt like a big dork and took mine off. hehe.

We also went to the Titanic museum, which was pretty awesome, and of course, we hit of the Tanger outlet. I will also confess that my new favorite clothing brand is the Lola brand by BCBG. Oh my word. I almost died. LOVE.

We had lots of good food, played games, and overall had a wonderfully relaxing time. It ended too quickly, but I think we really soaked up every minute that we could and had a great time. I want to go back!!!!


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  1. Looks like a good time! A few years ago my husband and I went on a trip with our sisters and brothers-in-law to a condo in Myrtle Beach and we did a Bike ride like that - I was so terrified! They say riding a bike will always come back to you, but I definitely forgot how to turn. I was a scaredy cat and Kyle was skidding around doing tricks everywhere.


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