Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Blog!

My friend over at You Had Me At Hello gave me the Happy Blog award! Yay! Thanks, Nicole! I think I have had a couple of blog awards before, but I'm just now trying to figure out what I am supposed to do with them! So if you gave me one in the past, I'm forever grateful, and will try to be better in accepting them in the future.

So, according to this award, I'm supposed to post ten things that make me do the happy dance. In random order...

1. Sonic Happy Hour (Yay for Strawberry Limeades!)
2. Getting mail (like you have not idea - I LOVE getting mail - pink slips make me freak out). And actually, the movie, "You've Got Mail" is like top 5 for me. My dog is named after Tom Hanks' dog in that movie.
3. Christmas and all things that come with it. It is just so wonderful!
4. Being able to pick up internet from our apartment complex for free... this RARELY happens.
5. Cooking for others and myself. I love bringing food to people. Cookies brighten everyone's day!
6. Quality time is my love language, so time with friends and family makes me very happy.
7. "The Office" - literally, we do a dance when the theme song comes on. I heart Jim.
8. Whenever God does something really cool.
9. Snow!!!!!!!! Snow ice cream, snow flakes, snow angels. I love snow. It's so peaceful and beautiful.
10. Getting comments on my blog! Seriously.

Okay so now I am nominating Leslie over at Walking in Memphis. She's a great writer and I just love her blog.

This was just a short little update from our Hotel in Branson.

We made our largest purchase of all time last night. WHOA! And had some good times at the outlet. We are getting ready to go back. Yay!

Speaking of amazon, if you haven't experienced it, you should. So, Buy From Amazon! Click on that link and make it happen. They have literally ANYTHING you could imagine, their customer service is great, and if you order by Monday with 2 day shipping, you can have it by Christmas! I just did, so you should, too. (-:

Have a great Saturday, everyone!



  1. Congrats on your award! :) 2 ft of snow here...we are snowed in!

  2. Oh, I just love Sonic Happy Hour! And Amazon. And mail. And free internet. And You've Got Mail!

  3. I miss Sonic and its Happy Hours. The nearest one is 30 minutes away. =(


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