Thursday, January 28, 2010

Extreme Bedroom Makeover

My bedroom just got an extreme makeover.

You see, I have lived in this apartment for almost 2.5 years. I love it, don't get me wrong, but the bedroom has never been how I would really like it. I had this monstrosity of a dresser/bookshelf that was a nice piece of furniture, but not my style, and didn't match my bed, so I really didn't like it. But it served its purpose, and it was FREE.

Then, when Mark and I got married and he moved in, he brought some more mis-matching furniture, including another bookshelf, that was put in the room. This brought the room to a point of not really being a happy place for me. Actually, when I looked at it, it kinda made me a little... I don't know.... anxious? It was totally crammed full of furniture.

So, why didn't I get something else? Well, I knew what I wanted, but right now, it's way too expensive to afford. Sure, I could save for it, but we are on the Dave Ramsey plan and trying to get out of debt, so my extra money is going toward student loans, house savings, etc., before it goes to furniture. So, instead of settling, I was determined to wait.

But recently I decided that if I could find a super inexpensive piece of furniture that would look decent and make the room more homey (and more enjoyable), I would go for it. We are planning to be here a couple more years, so we need to make the most of it and make it as enjoyable as possible.

Mark and I are both readers, so our amount of books is really ridiculous. We had a five shelf bookcase full, a three shelf bookcase full, had thrown some away, given some away, and still had two suitcases of books in our cars because we haven't had a place to store them. So the new bookshelf was really a high priority.

Thank goodness for Target. I found a beautiful bookcase there that matches my furniture that is really inexpensive (it's not like really nice furniture, but for the time being and for my sanity, I went for it!). And it's so cute! AND it was on sale!

My hairbrained idea for new bookshelves occured on a Sunday while I was working my part time job. I convinced Mark that it was a brilliant idea and that we REALLY needed the bookshelf that day. Waiting would be not good. After Mark accepted my free spiritedness, he slowly agreed to the task. So, he and my brother got the old monstrosity out, bought the new fabulous shelf, and had it almost all set up before I could even get home to take a "before" picture!

I loved the bookshelf so much that we went back the next day and got another. And we have already filled them both up with books! And, even though it's still crowded, it looks so much better and is such a happier place! (-:

Ready to see the photos? Here's one of the shelves:

And here you can see them both:

And I have this one, so I'll include it:

Yay!! What do you think?


P.S. Thank you guys all so much for the encouraging feedback on not looking my age. I've decided to embrace it, maybe adjust a couple minor things in the wardrobe, and be grateful for my youthful gene pool.  (-:


  1. It looks fantastic. So welcoming and romantic. I want to come and take a nap!

  2. I like your new set up very nice and welcoming the way a bedroom should be. Don't feel bad we have mismatched furniture too :)

  3. WOW! I absolutely love it -- I even "stalked" your bookshelves to see what books you have! I also love that you have pink bedding, my hubby boycotted pink decor in the bedroom!

  4. Looks great! So great, in fact, that I think Hubby and I need to go get one of those bookshelves. We have the same issue with having books with no homes!

  5. Wow you guys have a lot of books!!! Looks great and very comfortable too.
    We are kind of on the Dave Ramsey plan minus a few things but I'm a big fan of getting out of debt as soon as possible.

  6. beautiful bookshelves! i looove target! i have decided that until i actually BUY a house/condo, i'm not spending another cent on furniture. my apartment just feels too temporary to be filling with new things!

  7. It looks great! very organized and soothing and inviting. I love your bed!

    I have a billion books, too, and when J and I moved in together after our wedding that was the first thing I did--bought a huge bookcase.

  8. Your room looks great, and it must be so nice to have all those books right next to your bed!

    I've always hated the way our bedroom looks too, but my husband came home with a rug a few days ago and suddenly I'm in love. Isn't it amazing how much difference small changes can make?

  9. i agree on the bedroom stuff. there are some things that are worth riding out and others that must be resolved ASAP for sanity sake. for instance. i cannot handle blue in the bedroom. any shade, any form. nothing blue. i just can't handle it.

  10. I think it looks great...and goodness that is alot of books, and I mean ALOT!! :) lol

  11. Love the new makeover, it looks great!

  12. Hi! I just clicked over from your comment on Discovering Flowers, and I love those bookshelves! We have books piled everywhere because our tiny bedroom shelf is rickety and overflowing. I'm thinking Target may be getting some extra business soon...

    What a wonderful blog you have!

  13. Very cute setup! Love it, wowzer you guys are some readers. I wish I could say the same, but lately it's just our Bible study for my husband and I.

  14. I love it!! And you have pink in your master bedroom? I'm so jealous.

  15. Your room looks great, and it must be so nice to have all those books right next to your bed!

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  16. Kathryn!! love it. :*) love the target... and love cheap furniture!

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  18. I love your bedroom!! Those bookshelfs are pretty and go perfectly with your bed!! :)

  19. Ooo, I love that look. I have a dream of having a room in my house with the walls lined in bookshelves (preferably built ins). But the look of flanking bookshelves is also quite nice.


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