Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Thought Eating Breakfast Was Supposed to Help you LOSE Weight

I. Am. Starving.

See that face? I'm about to eat my fingers.

Why I am so hungry, you ask? Because I ate breakfast.

I'm one of those people that doesn't really eat breakfast. Not that I don't like breakfast, or breakfast foods, but I just don't have time. I would rather sleep more than wake up early enough to have breakfast. Kind of pathetic, I know.

So, I don't usually eat breakfast, and I go to work and I'm usually feeling pretty good until noon or one, and then I start feeling slightly hungry.

But, in an effort to be healthy and try something new, on my most recent grocery store trip I got some new cereal. It's this healthy organic flax cereal that has raspberries and strawberries in it. It's not incredible low calorie, either. And let me say, that stuff is de-lish. So, this morning, I had some cereal and skim milk and it was really good. I ate probably around 8:20am or so. Fast forward to 9:00am.

I am hungry. Like, stomach talking, hunger pangs hungry. How is this possible? I'm never hungry, and then the one time I decide to eat breakfast, I'm majorly hungry within an hour.

A friend was telling me it has something to do with your body thinking more food is coming - must be that metabolism thing kicking in. But here's what I don't understand: how is eating breakfast supposed to help you lose weight if you
1. intake more calories at breakfast, and
2. intake more calories at lunch because you're starving?

This math just doesn't add up for me.

Organic Omega Flax Berry Cereal... why are you so good? I can't resist you, yet you make me so hungry. If I get fat, you will never be consumed by me again.




  1. You're hungry because you got your metabolism started - it doesn't really kick in until you eat. The same thing happens to me. I eat a high-protein snack around 10 or so to combat the hunger. It's better for your metabolism to spread out your calorie consumption throughout the day (instead of noon-evening), and if you eat breakfast & snack, studies show you eat less later in the evening. I always eat breakfast & snack when I work, and then a late lunch, and usually I only need something small in the evening.

  2. I always eat at least a bowl of cereal in the morning otherwise I feel guilty for not getting anything in me. Do you know what's really hard oh my gosh? The Special K diet. I don't know how anyone does that. You substitute 2 of your meals for cereal. Talk about crazy. I was starving by day 2.

  3. I know what you mean. I was a no-breakfast eater a few years ago and then started to be healthier about a year ago.
    After you get used to the calorie-intake at first it gets better and your body adjusts. (At least mine did.)

  4. "They" say, you have to eat within an hour of waking to get your metabolism going.

    I'm with you, I would rather sleep in a few more minutes than get up and eat.

    Embarking on a healthier journey myself, I have gone to making Green Monster smoothies in the morning. They are delish, filling, and I rarely get hungry before lunch.

    It's 4-8 oz of milk (I use skim), 1 scoop of Amazing Grass, 1 scoop of Whey, a big handful of spinach, 1 small banana, and sometimes a heaping spoon of Better Than Peanut Butter.

  5. You are too funny! Snacks are important too! Eat something that will stick with you, like a half of a peanut butter sandwich!

  6. I feel you there. Whenever I eat breakfast I am always more hungry! I know many people are avid breakfast eaters, but I am not one of them!

  7. Eggs and bacon, biscuits and gravy, pancakes with maple syrup! No we're talking!

  8. I think its so you dont pig out @ lunch like I tend to do. If I skip breakfast I consume lots & lots of calories I could have avoided had I eaten breakfast. Why you were hungry when you DID eat breakfast I have no clue =(

  9. Your body will definitely adjust...back in the day when I lost my college weight...I ate three times a day...and it really helped!

    My dad always said:
    "Eat breakfast, exercise every day, and don't go back for seconds!" ;)

    But I hear ya, I'd much rather sleep more, than get up early and eat breakfast. It's harder when you work full time.

    Keep us posted!

  10. Okay...here's how to handle the breakfast pain the arse! coffee. lots of it. it suppresses the ol' appetite.

    Also, Fiber One cereal. It looks like horse food but it's crunchy, slightly sweet and I thoroughly enjoy it. And the kicker? I am full for like 5 years after it.

    The downside? I hope you have access to a bathroom.

    Thanks for the comment at The Pursuit of Mommyness...hope to see you back soon!

  11. I need breakfast!
    Like 10 minutes after I wake up I start getting hunger pains!


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