Monday, January 25, 2010

Should I Go On "What Not To Wear"?

Alright, everyone. I need some brutal honesty.

I have been plagued for the last year or so by an alarming amount of people telling me I look like I'm about 15 years old. Now, I will admit, people have always in the past guessed my age is younger than it is. I have a sister that is four years younger than me, and people are always asking "Which one is older?" (which is NOT cool when you're in high school).

Some, no, most of the time, I disregard the comments.

I have older ladies (70's+) say "Honey, you don't look a day older than 14." That doesn't bother me that much.

Then recently, a high school student thought I was 19 and was a fellow contestant in the pageant in which she was competing.

I recently started singing in a state-wide women's choir and have been asked if I am old enough to be in it. (As if high school kids would join a women's choir for fun.)

But this last week I got a comment that really made me question myself.

As you may know, I use the internet at the office of my apartment complex. The rule is that you have to be 18 in order to use the internet. Recently, my office got some new maintenance staff members, and I went over to the office just after 3:00pm to get on the internet. I was wearing a hoodie, jeans, some ugg type (but cheaper) boots, and a matching bow. Similar to this below (just ad the boots):

I walked into the office and headed toward the computer, like I always do, but the new maintenance man was sitting in front of the two computers, rather territorially. I figured he would move as I got closer to the computers (he wasn't using either, he was just sitting). But he just kept looking at me, like he was challenging me.

I made it known I was hoping to get on one of the computers, and then he said it.

He audaciously asked:

"Did you not just get off the school bus?"

Whoa - hold the phone.

THE SCHOOL BUS??!!! Like for kids who aren't old enough to drive??!!! REALLY???!!!! THE SCHOOL BUS??!!!!

I was borderline speechless, but I responded that no, I, in fact, did not just get off the school bus, and that I am 24 years old and married.

He of course apologized and let me on the computers.

But then I thought to myself, Really? Maybe I'm like one of those people that doesn't dress their age but no one tells them so they put them on that show for a makeover.

Here's another photo of how I might dress:

I mean, I like jeans and boots and sweatshirts. Is that really that bad? I can't wear dressy clothes and heels everyday! I would lose my sanity.

What is a girl to do?

What do you think? Do I need an extreme makeover?



  1. No! Your style is fine. Though, an extra $5000 in clothes from TLC does sound nice. Be glad you look young! I'm only 26, and I get sick of college students calling me ma'am.

  2. It's hard for us older people to keep up with current styles for different age groups. You look just like other people your age. It's the old people who need to update every now and then. To come to reality and notice what people in each age category are wearing. Enjoy having a young look while you can. The bows through older people off since it used to only be worn by school girls. Now they are popular with women too. You could quit wearing a bow if you wanted to be pro active. Other than that you look like a beautiful 24 year old to me!

  3. I feel your pain. I was talking to a guy and he asked what I did and I said I was a nurse. His response was How old are you? One day we will love the compliment when we are 30 and still look like hot 23 year olds :)

    P.S. Do you really like that deodorant. I'm thinking of trying it but it looks so bizarre.

  4. the answer to your question.....

    Yes. You need an extreme makeover.

  5. I feel your pain my friend I often get mistaken for a highschooler or college girl. :(

  6. Here's what I think- I think that you are precious! You are beautiful and you look your age. People have always thought that I am older than I look, and that's an even bigger problem. And, I use that same deodorant. Well, I do now, since going to whole foods. Thank you for your comments on my blog, and I'm adding you to my following. Love to you!

  7. My mom can't believe Jane and Jeff are old enough to have a daughter in college. They're the same age as one of my cousins, but my mom says, "But [she] doesn't have a daughter in college," as though that makes any sense at all.

    I don't know how old the maintenance guy is, but generally, the older you get, the younger everyone else looks because you don't think you or your peers look any older at all.

    But shhhhh, don't tell anyone I said that!

  8. No... your style is just fine the way it is. People mistake me for younger all the time... Heck, I am 27 and still get carded for lotto tickets! I say, unless it affects your business or career, dress however you feel comfortable dressing!

  9. Be glad you look younger. One of these days you will miss that. Just consider it a good gene pool and celebrate!

  10. That stuff happens to me still too! When I'm walking through the halls of the high school I work at...they ask for my bathroom pass. SERIOUSLY!?

    I feel your pain girl. They'll all just be pissed that we look 60 when we're really 90 ;)

  11. Im nearly 24 and get told all the time I look like Im 14. I too where hoodies and jeans! Maybe its a sign?! Should I dress differently?! Ive never thought about it lol...I work at the police department and one of the fire guys made some comment that Im barely out of high school. I was like EXCUSE ME?!??!! I am 23, have a Bachelors in Law Enforcement, Married, and a mother. Not many 18-19 year olds have that MR! haha I might have over reacted...just a tad =) I think we're fine.Atleast when everyone is old and gray...we will be fabulously young looking =)

  12. People always stare at me open-mouthed when they find out how old I am. A few weeks ago, I was out celebrating my birthday and our waitress thought it was my 21st. She couldn't believe that I was actually turning 31.

    I think your clothes are just fine...but I will say I don't think the bows in your hair do you any favors when it comes to looking a bit older. I used to wear them all the time too, but finally gave them up when I was 23 or 24. Looking back, I probably should have quit wearing them sooner.

  13. I also get those comments ALL the time. I've just learned to laugh it off and know that when I'm 45, I'll look mid-30's!! You look good and should be more concerned with being comfortable than looking old!

  14. No, Girl. You are IN STYLE and extremely adorable!!! I really do think you are so pretty!!! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the OSU gear! I knew we were kindred spirits!!! Seriously, I think you look great and I wouldn't change a thing. People are always saying things like that to me, too, (less now that I have kids though! :) ha!) and when I was a teacher I would get mistaken sometimes for a student!

  15. Seriously, girl, i would be painfully honest, but there's nothing to say that would be painful. You probably dress the most grownup out of all our mutual friends, seriously! remember on campus when you were the most professionally dressed usually? and i wasn't kidding on facebook when i said that i got mistaken for a high school kid when i was the sub. she seriously talked down to me, said "you'll just have to wait til the teacher gets here to get into the classroom." and i was like "uhhhh i'm the sub." don't worry about it!! You're way better dressed than me, and it just means you don't have any age lines to make you look old. :)

  16. How adorable are you! When I first clicked over to your blog (from your comment on mine), I immediately admired the shirt you were wearing in your blog header photo. Then I read the title of this post and was baffled. You look adorable to me and I am sure you always dress adorable. Embrace the comments from people who think you are too young.

    How fun that you know Tyler and Leah. We love them!

  17. Girl this is too funny. I get this all the time from people that don't know me. I'm 27! My mom's always telling me that I should be an undercover cop at a high school. I just laugh. I say just embrace it, sometimes it's kinda fun looking young.

  18. I can totally relate--I don't think it's so much in the way we dress, we just look young! I work with high schoolers and I get a lot of, "What grade are you in?" the first time I meet the kids. My parents say I should enjoy it, but I don't know how much more I can take of shoe salesladies asking me if these heels are for my prom!

  19. It could have something to do with the hoodies. You are who you are, though :)

    stopping in from SITS

  20. Nah, you are so cute!

    I always heard those comments about not looking my age, too. That was especially annoying when I was in my early 20s and teaching middle school- and people would mistake me for one of the students.

    Now, I miss those days. After three kids, no one makes that mistake any more, no matter how I dress!

    Stopping in from SITS.

  21. I get those type of comments all the time and I think you just have to realize that you have good genes!!! It must run in the family :) No you don't need an extreme makeover.... unless you just want your 15 mins of fame.

  22. Hey there, stopping by from SITS! I think if you want to look older there are certainly things that you can do with your wardrobe, (and avoid pony tails like the plague) but what it comes down to is being comfortable and happy with who you are and how you dress. You could take yourself on a shopping spree, go to some ritzy store and have a store assistant help you find more "grown-up" clothes, but if you're never gonna wear them then it's a waste of time and money. Of course, you might just learn a few things about clothing that might help you look older and yet still be comfortable.

    And of course, you must remember that when you are 35 and still getting carded because you actually look 19, you will be the envy of everyone you know. So suck it up now, because they payout's coming. :)

    Have an Extraordinary Day!

  23. Okay....I just realized that you're from Oklahoma. I'm from Oklahoma! Well Texas really but I went to college in Oklahoma and lived there for 10 family's from Tulsa. Small world!

  24. I think you look really cute in all these pictures, but you DO look a lot younger than 24...and I know how annoying that can be from personal experience! I didn't think you looked so young in your header picture though, so maybe it *does* have something to do with your sweatshirts/jeans (although, go Cowboys!)Or, maybe you just need an edgier style for your hair?

    At any rate, I think you're really pretty. One day you'll probably be glad to look so young!

  25. First of all, you do not need a makeover! I think that yes, you do look young. You can't help that. Plus you are so tiny. I would be extremely happy to have my body compared to a high schooler! I got carded to buy tickets for a rated R movie last year. I didn't have my ID on me as I had just jumped out of the car to buy the tickets before we ate dinner. She almost didn't sell them to me. I was so mad.

  26. stopping over from SITS- clicked because i'm a kathryn, too! first off, you and your hubbie are adorable!

    secondly, i'm in the same predicament! i'm 23 and i teach ACT classes at high schools. consistently, when i'm unlocking classrooms or doing whatever, teachers come up to me because they think i'm like 15. ugh. maybe i'll dye my hair grey and start walking with a cane. then they'll shut up!

  27. It's tough for us older people to tell the difference between 24 and 17. You all look like babies. I looked like a baby back then. As I'm staring down the abyss of my 30s, I look 30. It's a bigger problem than looking 17.

  28. You could quit wearing a bow if you wanted to be pro active.

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  29. You are only young once, so own it honey!!! I used to always get that & I miss those days. Leave the makeovers to the ones who desperately need a dye job and stop dressing from the 80's. You might want to keep your ID on you though :)

  30. I feel your pain. LOL!!!!

  31. You look great girl and I personally think you styles fine. I get carded and everything all the time too.

  32. Kathryn......
    I know I'm only 17. But I actually look really young for my age. : ) You look young too but definitely not like a minor young. Whoever says you look like you're 15 is ridiculous... I mean, do YOU still get asked if you want crayons or get in on the kids price?


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