Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best Valentine Ever

According to my local check out guy at Whole Foods, I have earned that title.

I stopped at WF after church today to pick up some things for our Valentine's dinner. I am making an awesome pizza, Pioneer Woman style - it's a tomato basil pizza, and one of Mark's favorites. I was trying to think of something that would go well with the pizza. I thought some wine would go nicely, and then I realized that in our state, you can't buy wine on Sundays. So, after deciding that the sparkling cidars were just too sweet for pizza, I decided to go with some Blue Moon.

As I loaded up all my groceries to check out, I could see the uber friendly cashier eyeing the Blue Moon. He picked one up and said, "Did you get some oranges to go with that?" to which I responded with a laugh, "No, but I probably should..." and he said "You've got plenty of time, go grab some. It will be worth it." So, I ran back off to the produce area and grabbed a couple of oranges. He's clearly a good salesman.

Once I was back at the register, he inquired about the Blue Moon and asked if I would be having some with my Valentine. I said, that yes, in fact, I was, and that I was making pizza to go with it. He looked awestruck. He then inquired, "Have you been reading those magazines about how to make men happy?" LOL. I just to had to laugh, because I then realized that my meal plan was like the ultimate "guy meal" (although this pizza is way better than typical guy pizza). I told the cashier I that my Valentine and I were married, so I didn't need the pizza to win him over. The cashier thought I should get the wife of the year award. He was very impressed with my efforts. Ha.

He continued to check out the groceries. I arrange mine very meticulously when I check out. Boxes together, produce together, cans together, bread, eggs, light things at the end. So, at the end of my groceries, there were a couple of individual cheesecakes and a couple little chocolate raspberry tarts. He got to that and was like, "Man, finishing off the evening right!" and continued to shower my skills with praise.

Well, after all that affirmation, I was obviously very proud of my purchases and figured if Joe Cashier thinks it's that incredible, then surely I can win some brownie points with my sweet husband. I'll let you know if he likes it.

Speaking of pizza, I should go work on that. (-:

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!



  1. lol too cute! I got pizza and Shock Top w/ oranges =D Happy Valentines Day!

  2. That does sound like a great meal! Happy Valentine's Day to you as well :)

  3. It sounds like you are an amazing wife who takes care of her man on VDay! I hope he appreciated it! :)

  4. That does sound like a good Valentine's!

    You can buy beer, but not wine? Odd! Here, we can buy whatever, as long as it is after noon.

  5. That sounds DELICIOUS! Also, how weird that you can buy beer but not wine. What state is that?

  6. What a wifey! That all sounds delish, hope your hubby loved it!

  7. hope your valentine's day was fabulous! i would be happy if i was your husband. pizza, beer, and cheesecake? amazing!

  8. What a cute story!! :0)


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