Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cooking With Kat: The World's Best Sugar Cookie

I have been wanting to share this recipe for a really long time. I wanted to put it up at Christmas. But, when I made them at Christmas, a friend was over and I got too busy talking and only took like two or three pictures and it was really lame-o. So, with renewed focus and another friend, we made Valentine's Day (YAY!) sugar cookies. (Same cookie, different shapes).

These cookies are so easy to eat. It's like Pringles - once you pop, you can't stop. They are gone very quickly from our house. I always make light blue snowflakes with edible glitter for Christmas, for bridal showers I do engagement rings with glitter on the diamond part, I made some dog bone and poodle shaped ones for my vet, and for this particular batch, we made hearts. (awww).

So, here's whatcha need:

2.5 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 stick butter, softened
1 cup sugar
2 large eggs
1 1/4 tsp vanilla

So, first we combined the two dry ingredients (no need for a pic, right)? And then we put all the other ingredients in the food processor, like so:

And then turned it on for a few seconds until it was all combined, like this:

Are you impressed? Well, watch this this next one. We put the dry ingredients in and put the food processor on for 30 seconds. Check out my friend Dayna (in a platonic way) as all she has to do is press the button.

Okay are you ready for this? After 30 seconds, this is what the dough looks like:

OMG, right? Yeah, SUPER easy. You should be amazed. If you aren't, scroll back up and look at the pics again.

So then you take out the dough and you put powdered sugar down on your surface to roll out the dough. You make sure both sides of the dough are covered well in powdered sugar and flip it over and keep covering and flattening it so you make sure the dough doesn't stick to the surface. Then you take the rolling pin and work from the middle to the outsides around the dough to roll it out.

They key is to get the dough really thin and even, so the cookies cook evenly. Then you use cookie cutters, like so:

You want the cookies to be loose so you can lift them of easily, so I usually try to move the cookie in the cutter to make sure it's good and loose.

Okay so the next picture on my camera is of Mark. While Dayna and I were partying in the kitchen, Mark was running at the free workout place at our apartment. Not that I need to, but I would like to point out his socks. Really? These apparently used to be red - he wore them in a wedding or something when he was a groomsman. Then he washed them and they turned pink. So why didn't he through them away? Apparently, "there's no reason to throw away a good pair of socks". Sigh.

Okay, back to what we were doing. Next, you put them on a buttered and powder sugared cookie sheet, and cook for 7-9 minutes at 375 degrees F.

There's Dayna, loading up the cookie sheets. Workin' hard. Once the cookies are done, we put them on a cooling rack. When they cooled, we started icing them.

For the icing, you use lots of powdered sugar and a TINY bit of milk, and then mix it together until it is the consistency you want. Add a little food coloring, and voila!

Aren't they so beautiful? Oh yeah, we put sprinkles on there. Here's another pic:

And they were easy to make and so beautiful! Yay! We took these to a fun bloggy party and I took them to work and the people ate a lot of them at work. My boss almost punked me and pretended to have eaten all but one cookie before I could take them to the party. I work with a bunch of comedians. (-:

And look how happy we are with our cookies:

Of course we had to put them by our taste tester. Here's what he thought:

So there you have it. An easy, WONDERFUL, and beautiful sugar cookie that is so versatile. Now go make some and enjoy!



  1. Yummo! They look deliciously easy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. They are beautiful. I have been considering getting a food processor and you have convinced me. How great and it doesn't look like too awfully much effort. I need to meet you at the Whole Foods store some morning if you ever have a free one. I went on Monday evening about supper time and it was PACKED! I tell you. I found so many neat items but was hard pressed to reach a lot of the shelves. I need a guide. I got some sweet potato potato chips and they are awesome. Wow! a big crash outside! Must go see what it was, scared me.

  3. awesome!! I have struggled and struggled finding a good sugar cookie recipe so maybe this one will work for me :)

  4. Those look delish!
    Def. going to try them out!! :)

  5. yum! those look amazing! i might just have to surprise the boyfriend with a plate of these on valentine's day...

  6. These sugar cookies look yummy! I've been wanting to find a recipe with frosting like that too. I'll have to try.

  7. Ummm can you send one my way? I am thinking that I really need to go and buy a food processor. I don't have one. How pathetic is that?

  8. Just letting everyone know you could make these without a food processor. It just speeds up the process. This truly is the best sugar cookie recipe in the world. I would bet on it!

  9. I completely laughed out loud at the brief interlude of your husband's socks nestled in between some very delicious looking cookies!

  10. Um, a fun bloggy party? I'm thinking that sounds like a good post! Tell us about this...

  11. Those are beautiful cookies! And guys are way too practical to ever get rid of socks. Even ones that turn pink on them!

    I left you something on my blog today!

  12. MMMMMM!!! Sugar cookies are my fave!! I will have to try your recipe! :)

  13. Your cookies look so cute and delicious!


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