Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentine's Day is coming, everyone! I have always loved Valentine's Day, single or not. There was one year where I remember trying to be one of those people that thinks it's commercialized and lame, but it didn't really last. I just love it too much. Basically, I like pretty much any holiday. And I love giving cards to people. Plus I love chocolate. If flowers are involved, it's even better. So, what's not to like? It's either a great opportunity to go out with single friends, or a great excuse for having a night out on the town with your significant other.

Part of Valentine's Day is the giving of the valentine. I made a few homemade cards this year and thought I would share. They are easy to make, fun to personalize, and you get to be creative. Although, you won't think I'm very creative after you see mine, because they all kind of look the same. But hey, I can't win at everything, right?

Basically, the important things are red/pink/purple construction paper, glue, markers, scissors, and doilies. I know, you're probably thinking, who the heck uses doilies. BUT, I argue that doilies are so fun and really make a valentine look wonderful.

Here's our collection of things:

Who doesn't want that box of crayons, huh? 120! wow.
Okay, so there you have it. It's especially more fun if you get together with friends to make them.

Here is my friend Dayna working hard on her cards:

She's clearly very into that card. And here I am, working with some fancy paper:

Okay, so do you want to see the finished product? Here's the problem I did realize after I made them. They are too big to put in a regular envelope, so it's kind of making a problem. How am I going to mail them to people? And also, it's officially Friday, so there's not really time to mail them. Dang it. I should have planned better. I blame it on my kidneys. If they had been working correctly I would have been able to go to the post office.

So, here are my cards:


Pretty cool, huh? See, and you thought the doilies would be lame, didn't you?
Okay, it's not too late. Go get your construction paper, scissors, markers, and glue and make some valentines! You have two days!

Also, I must say I'm slightly disappointed we only got five questions. Really? No one has a question for us? I'm throwing it out there one more time. Any question you want to ask us we will answer. So think of something if you can.

Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. Your valentines are so cute! Love them! For my question I will ask if you could live anywhere where would it be?

  2. Oh I have another one! Do you want kids/if so how many/do you have names picked out?

  3. I love your cards!!! I have been behind on reading blogs....but I want to know some OSU what you love about it, favorite OSU memory, etc!!! GO POKES!!!

  4. Love the cards and all the crafts floating around the blogs! :)

  5. if you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

  6. I haven't made valentines in forever, but there is something so sweet and classic about them.

  7. What are some of your fav places to shop? Fav activity to do with hubby? Favorite gift you ever received? :)

  8. I bought greeting card sized envelopes, and they fit perfectly for the card stock ones, but the construction paper ones I had to trim down a bit. So what are you going to do, still send them? You should. And yes I did think the doilies would be lame, but I stand corrected.

  9. You both did a great job and you went to way too much trouble not to send them. Go for it!

  10. Cute Valentines!!! I so wish we had done that this year! :0)

    I have a couple questions.... I must have missed that post.

    What do you do for a living? It sounds like such a great job!!

    Can you tell us more about how you guys are eliminating debt/saving for your first home?

    Do you guys do devotions and/or pray together? Can you recommend some good readings for time with your spouse?


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