Monday, March 15, 2010

Do You Think I Like Earrings?

Happy Monday, everyone! First of all, this is my 100th post, so that's pretty exciting.

Secondly, remember that beautiful pink net book I showed you a week ago? Well, thanks to my good 'ole Dad and a birthday coming up, a very similar one (even cuter if you ask me) will be arriving at my apartment via FedEx tomorrow. I am SOOO excited. And don't worry, you'll get pictures.

Now, on to business.

I like earrings. Really, I guess it's more honest to say that I'm obsessed with earrings. Big earrings. Chandeliers, feathers, lots of beads, whatever. I love them.

It all started when I was six months old. Being the first born, and my mom being a new proud mother, she was appalled whenever strangers would walk up to me in my pink frilly dresses and headbands on my bald head and say, "What a cute little boy!" Shocking, right?

So, she took me straight to the ear piercing salon and got my ears pierced. I cried for about 2.5 seconds until they handed me a sucker. There are a couple reasons I am forever grateful for that:
1. I don't remember it.
2. I am a total needlephobe now, so who knows if I would have had the guts to get them pierced on my own, and
3. I never had a problem with ear infections.

Clearly, I have worn earrings as long as I can remember and I started wearing more funky fun earrings in college. The problem arose that they would get lost. Or tangled together. I had too many to really put in a jewelry box. I needed a new way to store them. So, after seeing this brilliant idea at a friend's house, I copied it.

It's an easy craft idea for everyone. Are you ready for this?

Yes. It's a picture frame with some screen stapled to it so I can hang my earrings on it. This photo is a little dated, and my earring holder is super full. I now need to get a bigger picture frame. But you guys, it's so easy. Here is what it looks like on the wall:

On the other wall I have some nails to hold up necklaces. Kinda ghetto, but whatever. I like it. You can get whatever kind of frame you like, in any color or design. I went with cheap for my first try. Next time I might scale it up a little. (-:

So, what do you think? Do you have a creative way to store your earrings?



  1. That really is a great idea! And it looks super easy...just how I like my craft projects to be!

  2. That is so cute!!! Love the idea!

  3. AB-so-lute-ly L-O-V-E it!! So going to have to make me one of these!!!

  4. At my book club last week we had a convo about when to pierce ears. My mom was like yours and took me when I was still a baby. I am so thankful for that. I am obsessed with earrings as well. You won't see me without them!

  5. Aww, I love it! I love earrings too, but I hate how heavy they feel and they get all stuck in my {ridiculously} curly hair!

  6. VERY CUTE! I love earrings and I have a ton, too. I use little decorative boxes, but I made a bulletin board with ribbons and "tacks" to hang all my necklaces!!! Very similar to your frame!

  7. What a great idea. I just keep mine in a cute bowl, but it's far from organized.

  8. Such a cute easy idea! It's like artwork on the wall there. I have 2 earring holders that I got at Forever 21 it works really well. I haven't filled it up yet, but I know there will be a day.

  9. that's a super cute idea! i just have mine thrown into a box and they get all mixed up and wrecked.

    and i'm so jealous that you got that computer!! can't wait to see pics!

  10. what kind of screen did you use?


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