Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We Can't Move Forward Until You Mail it Back


Is anyone else incredibly perplexed by this ridiculous Census 2010 advertising effort?

First of all, it's a census. They mail you a form, you fill it out, and then stick it back in the mail. Big deal.

But there's been all this hype on TV. It's as if the Census is the most exciting thing to happen in the last ten years, which was when Census 2000 took place. I mean, the people on the commercials are like in tears about how moving and exciting it will be.


I got my census form in the mail today, and with all the hype, I thought there would be streamers, free food, balloons, loud music, .....SOMETHING. But no... there was a form that took about 2.5 seconds to fill out. And it wasn't even a cute form. And then I put it back in the mail. And now I'm done.

Then I saw the new commercial with these people dancing around and saying how we can't move forward until it is mailed back. Not to be all controversial, but I just think about how much money they spent on all that.

All I can say is that whenever everyone "mails it back", I'm ready for the makeover that is supposed to happen in America. I mean, that's what the commercials tell me are going to happen, so I know it's true.

Btw...why can't we just fill it out online? Is it Census 2010 or 1910?



  1. I especially love the letter that I got last week warning me about the census papers which would be arriving the following week. What a waste of a stamp!

  2. I agree, but we conservatives know the real reason there was so much hype. To cover up the controversy regarding the long form. All the information asked. Remember the purpose is to know how many people there are in each district so we know how many representatives we need... the rest is an intrusion of privacy. I'm just glad I got the short form so I didn't have to go to jail. Phew, that was a close one!

  3. You mean you are not having a Census block party? Everyone on my block is going to mail it in at the same time and then we are going to have a BBQ. Not really.

    What I don't understand is why they had to mail a letter telling us the Census was coming. That just seems like a lot of wasted money.

    Thank you for visiting on my SITs day!

  4. I agree with you. I wasn't married when the last one came--so I wanted to look at this one. I was disappointed to say the least. I'm with you--waste of money with all the hype.

  5. I am anti-census for many reasons, but the biggest reason is the absolute waste of government money they are spending on it. The commercials, the paper, the ridiculously unnecessary 'warning' letter that they sent to every household telling them they would be getting their info.

    It makes me so mad.

  6. We got the short form too. We were, however, prepared to perform an act of civil disobedience if we received the long one. I agree that the waste of taxpayer money was outrageous!!! When will they stop spending money WE DON'T HAVE???

  7. Here, here (insert applause.) You voiced my sentiments exactly.

  8. They are trying to encourage people to actually fill it out, because if they have to pay people to come to everyone's door, it will be much more than the cost of paper and stamps, which, a government agency sells. So, I don't think they're paying $.40 per piece of mail...

  9. yeah we're in the middle of the move and the census is asking how many people live at our current address as of April 01, 2010 Umm 0?
    Guess they'll have to come visit us at our new house.

  10. Haha I got that thing in the mail yesterday too and I was quite unexcited about the whole thing.

  11. Oh my gosh, the excessive expense makes me gag. I was reading somewhere that the commercials and advertisement for the Census topped the pricetag on the commercials for the Super Bowl. Gee thanks, Government, for so freely spending my money...

  12. I really like your idea of online census - but maybe they are afraid people could fudge the numbers that way? Our little town is really pumping up the census so that everyone will submit their numbers and we will get more government funding. Here's hoping!

  13. yeah, it totally wasn't cute at all. and they asked like 5 questions. you should be able to do that shiz online!


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