Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The House That Almost Broke Our Hearts: Part 4

We scheduled three inspections for the same day, so I went over to the house, nervously awaiting the results. The termite guy found no evidence of termites (yay), the electrical/plumbing guy only found a couple very minor things, and the structural guy said that the foundation was "amazingly sound". Now THAT is what I like to hear. (-:

There was a little bit of work that had to be done, but nothing that was a deal breaker. As we worked out those details we anxiously waited for the appraisal/bank inspection.

The appraiser definitely took his sweet time getting back to us about the value of the home. He waited ten days and until the last possible minute (less than a week before our closing date) to come back and say that the value was perfect and the house needed zero repairs. Praise the Lord!

As soon as I heard the good news about the appraisal, Mark and I went to Lowe's and bought the stuff to put brick around the flower bed and put in some pansies. Yay! We still need to finish up, but it was quite an experience. I will have to do a separate blog about that and post pictures.

So here we are, on the eve of our move, getting ready to leave our beloved little apartment. Keyword: little. But it is kind of sad because this was my first place that I had on my own after college, and it was where Mark and I spent the first year of our marriage. And little Miguel spent his last days there. So this place will always have a special place in my heart. )-:

But let's just say I won't miss it enough to stay here. (-: WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!! AHHH!!!!!

We close tomorrow morning at 9:00. It can't come fast enough. YAY!



  1. Ahhh! So excited for you! What a blessing! Will be praying around 9 your time!

  2. Yea!! It's awesome when things work out so well! Congrats :) (btw, I'm here through casa de nicole)

  3. Hooray! What a great story! Can't wait to follow along as you make your new house a home!

  4. It was fun following Part I, II, and finally III! God is good! So glad you got that house!!

  5. How exciting...I'm glad everything went well

  6. I'll say it again.. I AM SOO EXCITED FOR YOU! :) I am sure you are both so thrilled!


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