Sunday, September 5, 2010

Be Careful When You Push the Shutter

First of all, there are definitely some big developments in the house hunting story. I can't divulge too much information now, because if this doesn't work out, I don't want your hearts to be ripped out of your chests and stomped onto the ground and discarded the way mine will be. So, I will wait until things are signed, sealed, and delivered. But, to keep you interested, this just might be the house we have a contract on:

I know, right?

More on that later, but we definitely appreciate your prayers.

Back to the story at hand. My brilliance.

You see, due to all this house stuff, we are in need of some extra fundage. We have the downpayment, and we've paid more than I would have liked for multiple inspections, and unfortunately, I see more money needed in the future. We have some extra, but I would feel much better if we have more. So we've gone into the not-spending-any-money-and-how-can-we-come-up-with-fast-cash mode. (And I've gone into ridiculously stressed out mode.)

We had been considering selling Mark's French horn for probably at least a year, and recently Mark decided that he would like to sell it. It is a very nice horn that should be able to bring in a decent amount of cash, so we got to work. I put it on craigslist, and we've been trying to network and find someone interested.

Well, the first day I put it on Craigslist, we got a bite. A lady wanted some pictures of the horn. So, after a very long day, I got home around 10:00pm or so and started to get the horn ready for pictures, and started getting myself ready for bed. Somewhere in the midst of all that I only got myself half ready for bed, but the photo shoot continued.

I laid out a backdrop, took out my five-year-old digital camera, and went to work. I experimented with flash/no flash, and I was getting pretty proud of my photography skills. I ended the evening with several good pictures on my camera and even a video, put up the French horn, and went to bed, very hopeful that it would sell.

The next morning I got out my trusty camera and began loading the pictures on my computer. As soon as I got the photos on the computer I realized that I had epicly failed at my photo-shoot that I been so proud of. As I stared as the computer screen-sized image of Mark's French horn, I could very clearly make out my reflection in the metal instrument. Big deal, right?

Well, remember that I mentioned that I only partly got ready for bed? Well, the part I got ready was the lower half of my body. There I was, in my pajama pants and a bra, happily posed in picture-taking mode for any interested seller to see.

Now, if that show won't sell a French horn, I don't know what will.

So, needless to say, I very quickly deleted the evidence, laughed at myself before the rest of the world could see me in my bra, and took more pictures that night.

And to top it all off, the lady who was interested in the horn didn't buy it after all.


Happy Labor Day!



  1. Oh my gosh! That is so hilarious! Totally something I would do!

    HAHAHA I seriously cannot stop laughing =)

    Anyways, enough laughing. I hope you scrape up enough funds for your beautiful home! One year ago we went through the same thing...I know your pain!

    Good luck with everything!!

  2. hahaha, that is just too funny! I hope it sells and am praying for the house situation!

  3. Haha that's awesome. At least you were wearing that much! Thank goodness you weren't like half-ready for a shower o something!

    And the house, beyond adorable. Just say'n.

  4. I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD. Of course, I am! That is classic!

  5. I HAD to come back and tell you this story.

    The other day I was taking a bubble bath and I thought I would take a cute picture of my toes in the bubbly water. So I snapped a few shots and later, AFTER I had edited them, I decided to ZOOM in on my toes to make sure they didn't look gross (I know, that's kinda weird) and right next my toes you could see my entire un-clothed body in the reflection of the silver faucet! I showed my husband and he said, "Oh no, that could have been so bad. Thank God you didn't post those on facebook."


    Close call. The first that came into my mind was your french horn. Darn those reflective surfaces!


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