Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Nerd

My husband is a wonderful nerd. Most people don't guess incorrectly when trying to figure out who's the nerd and who's the free spirit.

He is such a nerd, in fact, that months ago he started planning a blog. Not anything extravagant, mind you, but he just wanted to be very intentional. He started working on post ideas, asking my opinion, and formulating in that sweet little nerdy brain of his what he would like the purpose of his blog to be.

At one point he told me his blog would "go live" on October 1. (-: As you know, it's after October 1, so you guessed it, the blog is live. I thought you might want a little peak at his wonderfully nerdy heart by checking out his blog. Mind you, it's the polar opposite of this little crazy piece of blog land.

So, go check out Mark's new blog, "Intentional Writings", and leave him some love.

In other news, I'm wearing sweats and working on a paper for seminary. This has been my life as of late. Nothing glamorous about it, let me tell ya.



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  1. I can completely relate to having a nerdy husband but I don't think mine would ever start a blog unfortunately. I've begged him to do a guest post on mine but I'm pretty sure that's never gonna happen. I'll have to go check your hubby's out!


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