Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tim the Tool Man Has Nothing On Me

I did something pretty awesome this weekend. Par for the course, I know, but this is something outside the realm of my usual modes of awesomeness. I fixed something. Prepare to be impressed.

You see, there was a little problem going on with our shower. Exhibit A:

And here's a fuller view:

Ew, right? Basically here's what we have: the grout and caulk stuff has deteriorated and is like falling out everywhere. This is also going on inside the shower at the same spot, but one thing at a time.

So. What does one do? Well, first of all, I went to Home Depot. And praise the Lord, but the "flooring expert" who helped me just happened to be a W.O.M.A.N. Yeah, that's right. Defying those gender roles. (Fist pump). So I told her what the problem was and she hooked me up with the goods. 

This is one of the awesome tools I purchased:

Yeah, completely creepy. It's like Psycho going on. Basically, that thing helps you get all the messed up grout and caulk out of the cracks. So here I am in action (at least posed action - I can only do so many things at once):

I scraped and I scraped. Let me tell ya, I was pretty glad my biceps are ripped to shreds (clearly) from my recent workouts, because this was no walk in the park. I admit, I didn't do it perfectly and might have chipped some tile just a little bit because of my zeal. But I think I know how to do it better and by my own creativity and experimentation, I learned how to maneuver that tool and get that grout out! (-: 

Here's the after:

Impressive, huh? All cleaned out and ready. Here is the proof of my hard work:

Yeah, ew. 

The next step was the fun part. I had this grout stuff and I loaded it in a caulking gun and cut the tip off. Action shot:

I don't know if you have ever worked with grout caulk stuff, but that is weird. Let's just say I had to get my bearings. Since I'm keeping it real, this is what it looked like at first:

Do not judge me. That stuff has a mind of its own and goes everywhere. I got better:

And then I figured you can like smooth it out it with your finger:

Progress right? Well, here's the deal. They sold me all this stuff, like a sponge and stuff and I realized I didn't need that, because I could use my hands, so I got my money back on that and used my finger to smooth out the rest and.... duh duh duh... voila!!

Yeah. Legit. I did pretty much get that stuff everywhere, including on the floor, all over me, on a bunch of towels, but it's all good. Battle wounds. Here I am, super proud of my achievements:

You can do it, too! Plus, I got to listen to music the whole time, gettin' my groove on, and I successfully procrastinated my seminary  homework, for which I am now paying the piper. Anyway, I hope I motivated you to try something new.

On an unrelated note, here's a cute pic of me and Boo for your Happy Monday:



  1. You go girl!! I need to do this too! The fiance went as far as to buy the grout....But not do it!

  2. From women everywhere, way to get your grout on, my friend. Good job.

  3. This is awesome! I truly laughed out loud at the "keeping it real" shot of the original grouting attempt! Also, I see you found yet another way to successfully procrastinate your seminary homework: posting a blog! That's fine with me though...keep it up!


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