Monday, February 27, 2012

Extreme Lighting Makeover 2K12

You guys. My room looks awesome.

You may remember what my room looked like previously. No? Let me remind you:

Anything stand out in that picture? Perhaps the monstrosity of a ceiling fan? The picture really doesn't do it justice. That fan is huge, ugly, and doesn't even work right. Like, I never used it after the first time or two and realized it was very likely a fire hazard. So there it sat. An eye sore.

Well, thanks to Uncle Sam, or poor calculations on my part, we got back a tax refund this year, and have been using it to buy some things we have wanted/needed. (Shout out to our finally working garage door - with remote! WOOT! WOOT!) Anyway, I purchased a beautiful chandy to go in the place of this fan.

Our BFF's Leah and Tyler came over to help. I admit, Tyler did most of the helping. Leah and I just posed for a couple pics and made a cake. I had full intentions of helping Tyler and learning, but then I decided I'd rather talk with Leah. So Mark helped Tyler. We baked a cake. Win-win.

So Tyler took down the hideous.

I had previously assembled the beaut, so all we had to do was hang it at the proper length. Leah is helping Tyler here by cutting the chain. Aren't they cute?

And here's my handsome hubby, just because he's cute:

See those gloves? Yeah, apparently you are supposed to wear those when you hang the crystals on the chandelier. Somehow I never saw the gloves until after I had hung every. single. crystal. But here I am, sporting the gloves for the heck of it. (-:

After all that was done, it was time to hang the precious. We let the boys handle that (Boo watched):

Work it, guys! (-:

So, Tyler did a few last minute adjustments (Boo and Mark are moral support):

And.... ta da!!!

I know, right?! Isn't she lovely? And the shadows on the wall are so magical. I cannot believe how much bigger and peaceful it makes the room. Here's another shot, because I'm just proud:

And finally, the before and after:

I am so glad to finally get the chandelier up. It is something I have planned on since day one. Too bad all the things I want aren't free - ha! (-: Big shout out (holla!) to Tyler and Leah for being awesome and helping with this project. The plus side is we had a great time hanging out, as always. I am very thankful for their friendship.

Well, that's about it for me. Any new projects for you guys?



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