Thursday, February 23, 2012

Johnson Family Updates

Hey, everyone! You know I'm trying to blog more. I mean, now that my blog looks legit, I can't just leave it hanging. So, here are some random updates

Okay. Couponing. Seriously. Does anyone do it? Because I went to this couponing class tonight at Whole Foods, and these people take their coupons seriously. I'm not planning on getting 100 tubes of toothpaste or shopping at multiple stores or anything, but I'm contemplating starting. Love it? Hate it? I do love the free bag I got for going to the class:

Kind of belated, I know, but Valentine's Day was lots of fun for us. We are on a tight budget, so we don't spend much, but we have lots of fun. I made these homemade valentines last year, and had some leftover for this year so Mark and I each hand wrote each other a card:

Karlie got some beautiful gerbera daisies sent to her at OBU, and I got this beautiful rose:

It was a great day. (-:

Bella has recently received an extreme makeover. Like, when Karlie and I went to pick her up from the groomer, we did not recognize her. Karlie was afraid to pick her up because she didn't think it was our dog. Y'all. This dog has never looked this good. (Not that that is saying much, but still). Here she is, basking in the sun, with one ear flipped the wrong way. 

I got a chandelier. For our bedroom. I am BEYOND excited to put it up. My friend Tyler is coming this weekend to install the beaut, and I can't wait. I mean, there is currently an absolutely heinous, broken monstrosity of a ceiling fan hanging in there now, and we're about the completely makeover the room with this chandelier. Woo! It took my forever to hang all these crystals:

And here's a pic of me and Mark, living the dream, going out to eat for Valentine's Day:

Those are our updates. Tomorrow is Friday - Body Pump! Woowoo! Have a great weekend, everyone! (-:


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