Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Little Miguel

For you to know me, I feel like you have to know my little dog, Miguel. I know, I know, "people and their dogs". But, before you get all judgy, let me tell about little Miguel and I'll show you some pictures.

Miguel was born when I was 10 years old. My mom raises poodles, and when he was born he only weighed 2 oz. He was TINY. I had to feed him from a dropper because he couldn't nurse. Thus began our "bond". Miguel thinks I'm his mom.

He was pretty much afraid of everyone except me as he grew up. Very needy, skiddish, and everyone always teased the poor little runt. But I knew he was a sweet dog and his loyalty to me has been incredibly impressive.

I got older and got in high school and still had Miguel. Every day when I would go to school he would burrow far under my bed so that no one would find him. Then, when I would come home from school he would come out and see me. Here we are in high school (I'm being a goofball):

My college years were tough on the little guy. I was gone, and he was partially forgotten. He had to stay outside with the other dogs. Occasionally he would climb (literally, this dog is tiny (10 inches tall, 5 pounds) the fence if he knew I was home so he could get out and see me. Also during the college years Miguel started losing his vision. He had cataracts. Poor thing.

Miguel was always following me so there are lots of instances, as captured in the below photo, where he was trying to find me: circa 2006:

Once I graduated from college I got my own apartment. Miguel was with me again, and he had the luxury of hanging out with me every single day. At this point Miguel was totally blind. But, since I live in a small apartment, he knew his perimeter, and bumped into a few things, but got along well. His blindness has given him a level of bravery. Before, where he was skiddish all the time, now that he can't see, he is no longer afraid. And his sense of smell competes with that of a bloodhound.

One day Miguel got sick. The vet didn't really have much of an answer, but Miguel seemed very cold. So I bought him a sweater. The sweater changed his life. He has been so happy ever since he got his sweater. Here's a pic:
Miguel loves this sweater. Now he has many sweaters. Now, every day when I go to work he climbs in his little bed and sits there with his sweater on and stays in his bed while I am at work. Here's a similar bed, and him in his OSU gameday sweater: 

A couple of years ago I decided to get another dog, since Miguel was getting old and since I always wanted a larger dog (Brinkley). Miguel doesn't really like the new addition, but they pretty much ignore each other so it's okay. Here's the little family (minus Mark):

So now we live happily in my little apartment. Miguel is now 13.5 years old and gets along just fine, as long as i'm around and as long as he has his sweater. He loves going to the dog park and "marking his territory" at LEAST 20 times in a one hour period. Seriously.  

Miguel has made it in most of our family photos, see below (I'm on the bottom far right):

I guess that's all. I love my little dog and know I likely don't have many more years with him. Do you have a pet like this?

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