Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Talk About Productive

So last night I was DETERMINED to get as many things as possible done on my wedding to-do list. So Mark and I set out to face the mall. In slightly over two hours we accomplished the following:

Got me shoes for the wedding (and another pair for fun because they were $10.00!)
Got Mark's clothes for the wedding (black pants, blue shirt, pink/black tie)
Bought maid-of-honor gift for my sister
Bought hostess gifts for the girls who are hosting my personal shower this weekend
Bought a gift for the guy who is performing our ceremony
Got a gift for the people who are singing in the wedding
Got some fun new eskimo joe cups and 2 polos for Mark
Got a new swimsuit for the CRUISE!!!!

Cleaned my apartment. This took a lot of time and is still not complete. but we made a LOT of headway. So that was fabulous and I feel much better about my life!

I think that's all - oh and some starbucks drinks for fun

Talk about productive.

And also yesterday I bought my wedding band! I am really excited for it to come in. 

It's all coming together. I can't wait for my family/friends to be here. yay!!!


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