Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Okay. So we have a new car. Remember how the old car exploded? Well, it did. So we bought a new one yesterday. WOO!!!!

I found the car on Craigslist. It's a 2000 Honda Civic EX. It's a five speed (YAY!) and a four door (DOUBLE YAY!). It's pretty much exactly what we wanted. It has 143,500 miles on it, slightly higher than what I was shooting for (120,000), BUT, it's a five speed so it should make it to around 300,000 if we treat it right. It has tinted windows, so that's cool.

The car was in Ft. Worth. Sooo..... last night at 6:00, Mark, me, Brinkley, and Miguel loaded up in the Accord and headed to Ft. Worth. We got to the guy's house at like 10:20. We drove the car, did the song and dance, and went to a hotel that was pet friendly in Denton and stayed a few hours. Literally. We got there around midnight and slept and mark got up and left around 3:40. I slept until 6:00. Did I mention I am incredibly tired today? Because I am.

The guy was apparently really into sound systems so there is a huge subwoofer in the trunk. It's really funny. It's like I'm driving a pimp mobile. I can really get the bass going it I want to. (-:

So we are hoping to get it in to our Honda repair guy in the next week for an oil change and so he can check it all out.

So we are very excited and hoping to hear a good report from the Honda guy. We only paid $3500. for it, so if we have to put some money in it, it's okay. yay! okay well... i guess that's all for now!




  1. Yay for new cars! Sounds like a fun but quick trip to TX. I too, hope the car checks out for you guys! Oh, and you didn't say what color it was!

  2. Congrats on the new car! That is so exciting!


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