Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Apartment and A Craft

Okay - here's the deal. I'm having a REALLY hard time figuring out how to upload photos and put tem in a particular place in the blog. So it will be a little bit of a hodge podge but that's okay. Here is our apartment! This post will show the living room!

This first photo is what I call my "fancy poodle lady" drawing that is above the TV in the living. I pretend it's me and Miguel. (-:

This photo is looking at the front door. Lots of browns and blues. That's Brinkley by the front door.

Here is the nearby corner... TV - this is our only TV... fyi... no cable. Ha. and our little wicker basket that we keep Brinkley's toys in. (-:

Okay - here is my favorite wall. I found this vase at a very unique furntirue store and I LOVE the peacock feathers. I just love it.

Isn't it beautiful? And here's the whole wall. The painting is Coffee Art - the local artist uses espresso as her paint. My friend and I made the pillows to match the ottoman.

And here's a more front view of it. And there's Miguel in front of the couch. He's REALLY good at sneaking into most pictures.

So that is our living area. Other areas to come.
So.... last weekend Mark and I went to my grandmother's house. While we were there we went to an antique store and I found an AWESOME bench. It was not in great shape, but lots of polish, TLC, and some woodglue later, this is what it looks like: (PS - this was only $45!)

So I got this brilliant idea to make a pillow. So I found the perfect fabric at Hobby Lobby after going to several decor stores and not finding a pillow I liked. Here is the fabric below:

So, I haven't really ever made a pillow by myself. I was so proud of myself, hand sewing this pillow... doing all the measurements. I wanted it to be a good size for the bench. Well, I apparently didn't take into consideration that the pillow would shrink significantly whenever I put stuffing in it. So the big pillow project turned into the midget, doll pillow project. Check this out:

So, it looks pretty small on the bench. Good thing I got enough fabric to make another one. Ha.
So, now you have a sneak peak into our home. I hope you enjoyed it! (-:
ALSO, I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS. It's hard for me to know if anyone reads or cares - and your recent comments have been very encouraging. Thank you very much - keep them coming! (-:


  1. Ha! I love the pillow and what a great job on decorating the apt. Tell me the truth, did Mark really make the pillow?
    A nice chapter in your life has begun...the first of many together.

  2. Yay, Kathryn! (I found your blog via your Facebook profile page.) It is fun to see the pics of what you've done in your apartment -- I remember being newly married (wow, over 7 years ago, hard to believe) and getting so excited to be able to decorate OUR place. And if you need help on the next pillow, let me know. My sewing machine is up and running most of these days...

  3. Hey Kathryn, great to see you and mark getting into this blogging bussiness. If you need any help posting pictures, as i do a fair amount of that, let me know. I'd love to help!
    P.S. The apartment looks great!

  4. I love your rug (it kinda matches your blog background!). Where did you get it!? And great job decorating! I too have problems making pictures go where I want them to on blogspot, so don't worry... it's not just you!

  5. Your apartment is adorable. I love the picture with the pillow! I'm not a crafty person at all, so I can completely understand!! Mine would look way worse than that. I can help with the pics too if you need it!

  6. Cute Cute! I love the bench. We have some antique places here that I have fallen in love with. When you come visit i will have to take you to them!!! I love the Rug!

  7. Kathryn, I love your apartment. You have made it a great home for you, Mark and your furry babies. What a great deal on the bench! Your little pillow is oh so cute! ...decor on your blog page matches the decor in your apartment! I love the blog! It was so great doing lunch with you on Friday. We have to do it again soon!

  8. Your tiny pillow cracks me up. Oh well... The bench is super cute though!

  9. Hey, maybe you need to go into interior decorating. Apt looks great. Loved the tiny pillow. But, live and learn. You'll do much better next time. Love the bench. Isn't that store a fun store. Did you have lunch at the tea room? Reba

  10. Your apartment looks GREAT!!! You'll have to give me some suggestions the next time you're down. I love the coffee art. (I love coffee!!) Who's the artist?


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