Friday, June 25, 2010

Extreme Office Makeover 2K10

When I first walked into my then new-to-me office, I was faced with stark white walls, some really groovy blue/purple/green/salmon wallpaper,

and some shelves filled with a million binders, office manuals, and a shelf of cds for sale. You could suffice it to say that the office wasn't exactly in the running for "Hottest Office of 2009".

As you all know, a person spends a lot of time at his or her place of employment.... generally at least forty hours a week. So, as groovy and I'm sure as cool as it was in the 1970's, the wallpaper had to go. After working there a little over a month, my boss went out of the country for three weeks and left me to own demise. Okay, really, he gave me permission to repaint the office. A friend came, and with her help, that wallpaper didn't stand a chance. After scraping, spraying, pulling, and a few close encounters with a ladder, we experienced victory over that wallpaper, and painted the walls with a more neutral color that was easier on the eyes:

I know that picture is really random but you can see the wall color.

So, that was all fine and good, but I still had those blasted shelves. I was told I would need to reference those hideous binders, so I left them there, along with the cds for sale. Well, I've been in that office for almost a year and half, and hadn't cracked open those binders yet, so I decided they weren't really all that necessary. With a thumbs up from the big cheese, I cleaned some house.

In my zest for the makeover, I actually forgot to take "before" pictures. I realize that this completely takes away from my work and you don't really realize how much better everything is, but let me just say that I find myself staring at my shelves throughout the day. They are just that awesome.

So, here's the big reveal:

Pretty sweet, huh? Here's a close up of the right side. I have the bottom shelf with some of my books, and the middle shelf devoted to my alma mater, and the top shelf a combo. Oh, there's my pink construction hat that I bedazzled. (-:

And here's the left side. The middle shelf has our wedding invitation and wedding photos, and the other shelves have pictures of friends on them.

So. Are you impressed? You should be.

Do you make your office something that makes you feel at home? Mark keeps his office his office. Like I would want to never be there. Just business. But he likes that business/home separation. I have to have happy things to look at. (-:

Happy Friday!



  1. Oh, office is fully accessorized. Messy, but fully accessorized. =)

    Love what you've done with the place!


  2. Looks great!! Anything would have been better than that salmon wallpaper!

  3. Very cute! That wallpaper was umm... interesting haha

  4. I'm with you, I would need things to look clean and pretty!

  5. Looks so much better. I only have a desk, nothing to decorate. :( But, I don't really mind. I have a picture of my lovely children on my desk. That makes me smile!

  6. It looks great! So homey! My office is decorated and I think represents me. Once the school year starts back up I will have to take some pictures!

  7. I think you have a terrific blog and really enjoying reading it. I would like to pass this award on to you:

    Take Care!

  8. I like home/business. Because I am both my home self and my business self. your office looks great!


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