Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello from New Mexico!

I am sitting on my bed in my hotel room, on the eve of our departure back to Oklahoma. I am here as a sponsor on my church's youth choir tour. It has been a LOT of fun, and I have pretty much loved every second of it.

Some of the highlights include:

I got to sing in the youth choir. I know, I am not a youth. But as you all very well know, I clearly look like one.  I dressed in my solid color polo and my khaki skirt and sang. You see, the choir of 31 youth only had four altos. So, our worship minister let me sing with them. And I pretty much love singing in choirs so it rocked. And no one asked me if I was a youth or not. As an added bonus, to ensure that I stayed in character, our worship minister dubbed my teenager name to be "Heather" and all the kids obliged by calling me that all week. Here are some photos:

Here are all of the altos! WOO!!
And here we are singing at a church:

Kickball. You also may know, I'm incredibly athletic and very hand-eye coordinated. So, you shouldn't be surprised to know that I was one of the last two standing to be picked for a game of kickball. But, what I lack in talent, I make up for in enthusiasm and ridiculousness. It's all I have. Because, let's face it: I'm really terrible at catching and throwing balls. And apparently, I run in a way that enables the pitcher to blast the side of my face with the kickball. That was awesome.

Making new friends and growing existing friendships. A lot of the kids I saw in choir previously, but I didn't really know them. Now I know a lot more of them, and had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone. That has been pretty great.

I cannot deny or confirm that a re-inactment video of the SNL Lawrence Welk Show sisters skit took place on the trip, nor can I deny or confirm that I was in it. Perhaps that possibly hypothetical video will make an appearance on the blog. (-:

Hanging out at Dairy Queen and McDonalds for five hours while our bus broke down. Yeah. Seriously. It was pretty awesome.

A complete and total epic fail on an attempt to make my hair look good. My friend on the trip, who is supposedly really awesome at hair completely ruined me, not once, but twice, and there wasn't time to fix it. So for one evening, my hair looked like I swam in the ocean, let it air dry, and then took a crimper to it. It was awesome. In that process, she also washed my hair in the bathtub. It was pretty hilarious.

We also ate some yummy food, went shopping in Santa Fe, did a service project for a local church, had Bible study/worship time, and just had a whole lot of fun. I am so glad I got to go on the trip, and I'm really sad to go home tomorrow. I guess all good things must come to an end... )-:

Group Photo:

So, since OMG it's almost 2:00 am here. What am I doing?! I better go to bed. Peace and blessings!



  1. So glad to see a post from you! Have missed them lately! Sounds like a TON of fun! I miss my "youth group" many awesome trips and good "clean"! Why do we as adults think things have to be so complicated?

    You totally look like a "youth" too! Gorgeous gal!

  2. Fun! I loved choir trips! lol, and sorry about your hair, that stinks!

  3. How fun! What a neat ministry you are a part of. Isn't it fun to go back to our high school/middle school days?

  4. It's been 100 years since I was at Glorieta and nearly as long since I was in Santa Fe. Gosh, I wish I could have gone. I used to love choir trips, lots of fun, got really tired, the only time I ever fainted was on a choir trip, ah memories. We had to go on horseback when I went ~ NOT!

  5. I laughed out loud while I was taking a drink about your hair. That's pretty funny. Glad you had a good time!


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