Monday, June 21, 2010

Road Trip: HELP!

Mark and I are about to embark on our first ever road trip together. You would think that since this is our first road trip, perhaps we would start with a one day trip. Something 8-10 hours away. But no. I'm all about going big or going home, so we're going to Washington, DC, which is a whopping 19-20 hours from here.

Why are we doing this, you ask? Well, you see, Mr. Plane Ticket Price Man decided to jack up the tickets so that it would cost us a solid $800+ dollars to fly to DC. For two people. Now, if that's not outrageous, I don't know what is. So, $800 vs. $300 in gas plus a cheap hotel.... and Chisolm Trail here we come. Here's our sweet ride:

Some people have said we're crazy. That we'll hate each other by the time we get to our vacation destination. But, since optimism is my middle name, I am choosing to make this fun. And Mark is just plum tickled pink about the whole idea.

Here's what we have so far: Mark has mapped out the destinations and has been looking for fun touristy stops along the way. Have I mentioned that he loves maps? Because he does. He has broken the trip into five "legs" and is trying to find interesting stopping points along the way.

He also has a fancy schmancy CASSETTE tape holder that he just got from his dad yesterday that he has loaded up with some great cassette tape smash hits for us to groove to as we drive down the highway. Yes, my 1998 Honda Accord is fully equipped with a cassette player, with automatic reverse, thank you very much. But, never fear, I have a cassette adapter that I can plug my iPod into. Apparently Mark gets tired of my iPod music (I don't know why, I mean who doesn't love hearing me sing along with the Wicked soundtrack, Glee hits, or some awesome bluegrass?!) so he's resorted to cassettes. He even found a couple that he was so excited about because he knew I would love them: Point of Grace's Steady On, and The Eagles: 1971-1975. So, cassette player, here I come.

We're even planning on loading up an ice chest with sandwich stuff so we don't have to stop to eat and can save money. Are you impressed?

But let's get real. 20 hours in the car is a long time. Playing "I Spy" will only get us to like Joplin, and I need something more than trying to get 18 wheelers to honk at me. We need some stuff to do. Anything.

Have you been on a road trip? How was it? How did you entertain yourselves?



PS: I'm throwing in a cooking photo. I will try to do a cooking blog soon!


  1. You should put some comedians on your ipod. We bought Jim Gaffigan and he's hilarious with out being raunchy and uncomfortable like a lot of comedians. That's a good hour worth of entertainment!

  2. We always drive everywhere now and I did as a kid as well - California, South Dakota, name it! Levi and I like to read a book out loud together, although book on tape would probably be easier. It's also a good time for fun questions like, "would you rather be a penguin or a squirrel?"

  3. I just went to D.C. with my husband's family last week and wrote a post about it! You will love it but it will also make you thankful for living in Oklahoma where the people are so nice. :) The trip there sounds promising for some good memories!

  4. You can download free books on tape from the library onto your ipod. That will cover lots of hours! Have fun!

  5. Books, books and more books! Good luck, I HATE road trips!

  6. I remember road trips as a child and I always read, played my gameboy(how old am I now!) and listened to my CD player. As an adult...haven't made more than a 3 hour trip and never really needed anything to occupy my time as I tended to have a child in the backseat who needed me.

  7. (we've met your husband in lifegroup, didn't want you to think i was a crazy stalker person!)....we have been to indiana twice in the last year with a baby, so I don't find your road trip to be crazy at all! Here are some things that have kept us sane: portable DVD player, a nice fluffy pillow so the passenger can watch his/her eyelids, food/drinks and CANDY!, sudoku books, camera for all of your touristy stops, ad libs, and more food. When are you going? Good luck! Did you know if it crossed your mind, but you might check flights from XNA (northwest arkansas).

  8. The commenter who mentioned comedians was a great idea! I like Mitch Hedberg.

    Books on tape are also one of my fave ways to pass the time. (My dad and I once bought A Tale of 2 Cities for a long road trip and we were HOOKED the entire time!) You can get them for free at your local library, or buy some for 30 - 50 bucks at Barnes & Noble or wherever.

  9. Books on tape
    Mad libs!!!
    Keeping track of the license plates you see from different states on your drive

    Have fun! Keep safe!

  10. FUN! Have a wonderful trip!

  11. We drove from FL to PA for our move and goosness what a long trip that was. We packed sandwich stuff too and it was probably the best decision we made. We didn't really bring many activities because one would sleep while the other one drove but def. have good music.

  12. Saying hi from SITS! Try books on tape. If you find a good one it will really make the time pass. Imagine if you had to keep yourselves and two kids entertained. That will also make it all seem not so bad :-) But even our kids liked the books on tape - the hard part is finding one you both enjoy. But if we could succeed with 4 people, you'll find one for two. Breaking up the trip into mini-destinations is smart too. Have fun!

  13. I am the wrong person to dish out advice on road trips! The BF & I kill each other during our 4 hr road trips to VEGAS! lol But its nothing too dramatic we are over it once we step out of the car =D

  14. I expect you to listen all the way through both of those Hank Williams tapes that I saw in Mark's dad's case. You'll thank me later.

    Also, the Jim Gaffigan/Mitch Hedberg advice is really good, yet I know you won't take it. I'll also recommend Ed Byrne... but it won't matter.



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