Thursday, March 31, 2011


Oh, Prom. Do you remember yours? I'm assuming you pretty much all do remember unless you've tried to block it out. I have been thrust right back into prom and all of it's drama, as Karlie is entering prom season.

Perhaps you were the girl who had the steady boyfriend, so there was no drama, just the understanding that you guys would go together and have a great time. Or, perhaps, you were like me. The relationship phobe. The girl who was liked mainly by the weird quirky guys who she was afraid to get asked to prom by. The girl who was afraid to say no when asked by said quirky guy. The girl who was wishing for a certain guy or two to ask her but knew that it wouldn't happen. The girl who took matters into her own hands and asked a guy to avoid being asked by quirky guys. If you were like me, prom brought on some serious anxiety.

Neither of my proms were bad. I went with friends both years. And I had a good time. Hung out with friends, ate good food, danced (even though at my school nobody danced... weird... I know... But I danced anyway since I'm such a good dancer **cough**), and then went to someone's house afterward for more fun. Here's a pic to prove the fun I had at my senior prom:

See? Fun is written all over my face.

Now it's Karlie's turn. She is getting ready for three proms. Yes, folks, this chick has everything goin' for her and is going to three different proms. (She actually got invited to a fourth but turned it down because she figured three was enough. Ha.). She is even frugal enough to borrow prom dresses from friends. And she is even getting the guys to ask her in uber creative ways. When I was in high school you just got asked to prom. Via note or phone call. Karlie completed a scavenger hunt this past Sunday to be asked to one prom, and is apparently looking forward to her other "official" invitations (even though she has already said yes - this is all new to me).

Her first prom is this weekend. So, we are in the midst of spray tans, hair styles, where to eat dinner, who's taking who, and pictures. Here's to hoping we survive April...

So... how was YOUR prom? Does this bring back the memories?

Oh, prom. Whose idea was this anyway?



  1. Oh so many memories!
    Prom for me wasn't bad...but a little awkward. I went with this cool kid [read: he was in a band] from another school who I knew from church. My now husband and I were in the same "group" with different dates! I'll have to scrounge up that picture!

  2. #1 why did you have to bring up the worst night/date of my life? oh bobby!
    #2 who is the lucky guy you have cropped out of the photo?
    and C. why are you so young? we would have rocked the party together. And where was Mark. Why wasn't he asking you out then?

  3. I had a great time at my prom. Except it wasn't a prom, it was a banquet. We had to do all the dancing afterwards at the afterparty, because my Christian school had some students who weren't allowed to dance.

    I kind of liked the whole banquet and entertainment thing. It made the whole atmosphere seem more mature. Then we all changed (and yes, we stressed as much about the afterparty outfit as we did about the prom dress!) and went to the afterparty where things got well, less mature.

    Good times!

  4. Sophomore year, my date left me at the prom because he got mad at me. Junior year, my boyfriend broke up with me because a friend asked me to prom when he didn't have a date. Senior year, I had a nice, normal prom abandoning or dumping. Ha!

  5. Prom at my school was not a huge deal, which sometimes makes me a little sad. The girls all wear summer dresses rather than fancy ones and people usually just go somewhere quite simple to eat. I have known schools where the people go all out and get limos and go to Tulsa to eat and I sometimes wish we would've made a bigger deal of it. I always went with friends too. I actually only remember one date. I keep trying to think who I went with my Jr. year. Anywho, hope you have fun helping with all of the prom things!! Are you going to go with her to the "meeting place" and take pictures of her and her group?


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