Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Wall 'O Awards

We all like to get that occasional pat on the back. Heck, we all would even take regular pats on the back if they were given (at least I would). Well, as my friend Cristal said on her blog, the older we get, the fewer opportunities we have to get awards. It is so true.

You all remember those very ceremonious ceremonies in elementary, middle, and even high school. All of your peers were crammed into the school gym and you held your breath hoping to hear your name called for something - as long as it wasn't "most improved". When it was called, your chest all puffed up and you walked forward, suddenly realizing you are in front of all your peers, and then you become very nervous. Your parents were there, taking pictures, and you then had yet another certificate to file away in that box of sentimental belongings.

Well, while I might be almost 26 25, I thrive on words of affirmation and awards, and I don't even care how cheesy they are. I'm of the "Oh, go on" group of people when someone starts complimenting me. My parents have always marveled at how I could always tell if someone was talking about me, even from another room, and I would run in and  say, "What are you saying about me?", because come on, if positive things are being said, I need to hear them. I definitely hear enough negatives! (-: And they say (whoever "they" is) that it takes seven positive things to make up for one negative. Yeah, do the math on that.

So, I decided I needed some positive reinforcement at my place of business. Which is an overall positive place, but sometimes you just need that extra little affirmation. So, I give you.... Exhibit A: Wall 'O Awards:

Working from the top down, yes, I was a cheerleader in high school, and that is from my sophomore year when we were State Runners-Up and were in the local newspaper. I had to remember those glory days. The big blue ribbon is from when I was the World's Best Horse Rider... I mean... I won the Tulsa Fall Charity Horse show because of my awesome equestrian skills. The pink post-it is a note from a choir member because sometimes you just need to know you are loved. (-: And the yellow ribbon is from my awesome music theory skills. The certificate you see directly below that is something that is very much related to my current job. When I was in eighth grade, I won the award for fastest typing when I typed 58 words per minute. (I would like it to be known that this morning I clocked 118 words per minute, so I am much improved since 8th grade.) And then below that is a piano certificate, one of like five million that I got over the years.

So, those are the awards I look at when I need a pick me up. And actually, I just put them up there for some comedic value. I do need some more updated awards, since the most recent one I have is from 2000. Hmmm.....

So, what about you? Do you have any reminders of your awesomeness around? (-:

Happy Thursday!



  1. Maybe I should bring my awards/certificates from childhood and hang them in my cubicle. boss would probably think I'm giving her an direct hint I want an award of some sorts...I even like it when my boss gives me a certificate on my birthday! LOL

  2. Everyone likes getting an award!

  3. I love getting awards! How fun to still have them displayed.

  4. Kathryn,
    thank you for affirming my last post :)
    I was just telling my roommate how my soul was needing some affirmation this evening, so I could completely relate to your post!


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