Monday, March 21, 2011

I Want A Garden

So apparently, it's springtime. It's no surprise for most people, but for me, it's as if I totally forgot this season existed. Or that perhaps I thought it wouldn't be coming to my neighborhood for a few more months. A few weeks ago this started sprouting up around my mailbox:

You would think that those would have sent of the alarm that spring is coming and I need to get with it. Start planning. But no. I kept hearing people say you need to cut back the monkey grass. What did I do? Well, of course I waited until 10:00 the night before we left for Guatemala in mid March and then took some rudimentary scissors onto my porch and started cutting away.

But yesterday, it really hit me. I saw a garden... planted.... on a friend's blog. The garden I said I wanted my whole life. And then I thought - it's too late. I've ruined my own plans for a garden. I won't be able to have the fresh and free produce I have always wanted.

But then, reality set in and I realized it's still March. I can make this a reality. So. I am now investigating and researching and hoping to get some gardening started this weekend.

Anyone have any pointers? I am wanting to grow tomatoes, spinach, umm... jalapenos for Mark, and I'm not sure what else yet, but there will be more. So... hopefully this project will start soon and you can enjoy all my victories and defeats right along side me. I'm afraid there may be more defeats than victories, but hey, you have to start somewhere, right? (-:

So, if ANY OF YOU have ever gardened, I'm going to need your advice and pointers. Pronto. So press that comment button.



  1. Check out the OSU extension office. They have a lot of great articles online that can help. You can also just stop by and visit them, or so I am told. They even have free gardening classes on Tuesdays. Check out their website.

  2. I have a black thumb...I can barely keep fake plants :)

  3. Grogg's green garden, It is on 61st betwwen 169 and mingo, It will help you get started with organic gardening and they have a ton of free classes.

  4. You can do it! I replied to your comment on my blog. Matt knows a lot about gardening. Both sets of his grandparents are avid gardeners. I just love the idea of growing something myself...I know where it came from :) My goal is to grow everything that goes into salsa, so I can make genuine homemade salsa - I will say, "all this came from our garden" and then you will say, "wow, thats awesome" LOL


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