Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Gave Mark a Haircut

Yes, folks. I did a very brave thing. I took my husband's appearance into my own hands. When we were dating and I attempted the same thing, but we ended up having to shave his head. So, really, I was being very brave. Especially if you knew how anti the shaved/buzzed head look I am.

Mark's hair was out-of-control-long, so I thought maybe we could save a few bucks and I could cut his hair.

So I had him wet his hair and then we took a before pic:

And no, I don't know why he has that weird look on his face. I try to get him to smile for pictures and he does stuff like that. Anyway, so his hair is long.

So, unfortunately for him and for me, I couldn't find the hair cutting scissors so I had to use regular ones. Oops. Here I am with the clippers, the comb, and the scissors, and my own awesome hairdo that clearly hadn't been touched in like 15 hours. ha.

I did my best to try to do a good haircut. I will admit, it is not perfect, but I did not have to shave his head. Praise the Lord. Here we are mid-cut.

Doesn't he look so thrilled?

Well, the deal was, he got to pick the music we listened to while he got a haircut. There was much debate. Should we watch a movie? That was voted down so that we could talk while we were cutting Mark's hair. My ipod was shot down, because, well, my ipod is going 24/7 pretty much and it has all my favorite songs on it. Which, might I add, are GREAT songs, but for whatever reason, Mark was tired of hearing. He wanted his own music. I said, sure, no problem (cause I'm just that kind of wife), and we listened to the Beatles and some old school Caedmon's Call. Everyone was happy.

After much cutting, and even more after this picture, his hair was short again! Yay!!! Here it is:

Now, don't make fun of me. I know it's not perfect, but it'll do. And it was free. And with more practice (if Mark'll let me), hopefully I will improve.

And since Mark is so handsome with his new haircut, I had to give him a big kiss when it was done. (-:

Are you inspired? Have you tried giving someone a haircut? Good? Bad? 

Happy Tuesday!



  1. i refuse to cut jasons hair. there is a barber on campus who will do it for $10...which in my humble opinion is totally worth it for the health of our relationship.

  2. I have been cutting Hubby's hair for just over 3 years now, and we recently figured out that we have saved like $350-$400!

  3. Big Man cuts his own hair....heck if I even attempted it, he might slice my hands off

  4. Yeah, I gave Ian haircuts for our first year and a half of marriage to save money! Now that we are moving overseas though (where it is 3-5 bucks per cut,) we want to have a way to meet and make relationships with people, Ian will go to a barber and I'll trim the neckline in between cuts!

  5. You are one brave woman!!! =) Kev cuts his own hair and I do the neckline. Even doing the neckline I shake and sweat profusely! ;)
    You did a great job!

  6. Aw, that was very sweet. I'd love to be able to cut hair but I suck at all things involving hand eye coordination!

  7. Oh my goodness. You are braver than I. Jeremy asks me to cut his hair to save money and I refuse. Too scary and too much pressure.

  8. looks good! i'm impressed- i would never even TRY to cut someone's hair, especially my boyfriend's, which is as long as mine :)

  9. You did a great job! The first time and second time I tried to cut my hubby's hair, he went to his parents the next day so his mom could fix it. :0P I haven't tried again in like 7 years or something. It's better left to the professionals, in my case. LOL

  10. I freshen Granddaddy's hair between his visits to the barber. He's also offered to trim mine. :O


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