Thursday, May 27, 2010

Maybe Next Year They'll Think I'm Seventeen....

I don't know if you folks remember my blog post about me looking much younger than I am. Well, I thought I'd share a little update.

Yesterday, myself and three co-workers went over to a newly acquired building that our church purchased and is renovating. This would be considered a construction zone. (And you better believe that yes, I do have a pink construction hat, and yes, I will be bedazzling it when I have down time.) Anyway, we went over there to check out the latest and greatest of the construction.

I happened to be wearing my snuggie. Before you freak out, we randomly decided to go straight there and I didn't have a way to take off my snuggie so it just went with me. And I was cold. So duh, I had it on. So, there we are, walking through the building, rather sneakily, without our construction hats, since we didn't have time to grab them. We checked everything out, and then started to walk back to our building.

Now, apparently construction zone safety is like a big deal. Who knew? As we were walking toward the exit we got busted by one of the head construction guys who was all giving us the third degree, and let me tell you, he gave me a look. A judgy look. A why-are-you-in-my-building-with-a-snuggie-on look. Of course, I did not appreciate that, so we left and that was that...

Until our operations manager came over to let me know we were in trouble because we wore open-toed shoes over there. First of all, I'm like how did he know it was us? He wasn't there, and second of all, hello, people, it's May and it's Oklahoma. Who doesn't wear open-toed shoes?

So I go into my boss's office, where he and our operations manager are discussing our recent rebellion, and they proceed to explain how they knew it was us. The conversation between Mr. Judgmental Construction Dude and our operation's manager went something like this (I'm ad libbing):

Safety Patrol Man: "Some of your people came over here and they were wearing open toed shoes and did not have on construction hats. This is a problem."

Op Manager: "Do you know who it was?"

Bob the Builder: "There were three men and they brought a youth with them. It was a girl that looked to be about sixteen years old."

Op Manager: (laughing) "I know who you're talking about, and she's actually 25 years old."

Awesome. Tim the Tool Man thought I was SIXTEEN. At least he thought I could drive.

You better believe that since then everyone has been giving me a hard time. The conversation ended with me being asked, "Are you excited about the upcoming Jonas Brother's Concert?"

Really? Wow.



  1. If only I got that kind of compliment!! Lucky girl!

    So what color is your snuggie??

  2. That's awesome! The other day a sales guy came to our house and asked me if my parents were home when I answered the door. He looked so embarrassed when I told him that I was the home owner. Oh well!

  3. "...people, it's May and it's Oklahoma. Who doesn't wear open-toed shoes?"

    And you don't see a conflict with the Snuggie? Really?

  4. Wow! That's what you get for not following the rules! I'm surprised your ops boss didn't give you study hall! LOL!


  5. hilarious! and you know, people don't think i'm in my teens, but they think i'm like 20 {but really 26}, so when they find out i've been married for over 3 years they think i was some kind of child bride. it's weird. i always end up saying "i'm probably older than you think i am" but when i'm 40, i'll be happy someone thinks i'm 35 instead :)

  6. haha, too funny! I love that you had your snuggie on! (warm enough for open toed shoes but cold enough for a snuggie?)

  7. This is too funny! "They brought one of the youth with them!!!!" I am also laughing at the mental picture I have of you in the snuggie walking through the site!!! :)

  8. Well, if you would've raised your hand in choir last night and announced a pregnancy, that would automatically age you right there. Having kids = automatic aging. Problem solved. You can thank me later. ;) I saw Jeff trying to nudge you on to announce you were NOT pregnant, haha, and I was laughing hysterically...

  9. I used to hate being carded but now I kinda enjoy it....but I dont think I could pass for 16

  10. Wow. I wish people thought I was 16!

  11. ha- I used to get that all the time! once when I was around that same-ish age I was a senior councelor in the oldest girls cabin (6th graders- like, 12 year olds). I connected to one of the girls early and went with her to meet her parents and the parents thought I was a camper!!! not even a junior councelor- a camper! Anyway- enjoy it while you can cause someday it does actually go away and I've found myself a little bummed by that ;)

  12. ok... totally a late comment, but wow. I'm so there. My patients always ask how old I am and then say. "wow, you look like you're 16!". yes. ill be your nurse today i reply. At least you haven't had a city worker come to your house and then ask for your parents. I mean really.

  13. Lol a snuggie!? So classy! I would totally wear mine out =D


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