Friday, May 14, 2010

Melvin: Photo Op

We have now had little Melvin as a part of our family for five weeks. Crazy, huh?

He is doing well, and we just love his sweet little personality. He is always happy - he holds his tail up high about 99.99% of the time. He is doing wonderfully in his obedience class. He can already sit, lay down, stay for a short time period, heel with an automatic sit when I stop, he will come and sit perfectly in front of me when I call him, and get in heel position. I am very proud of his progress.

Potty training is another story... we're still working on it.

Miguel and Melvin do not really get a long, but that's okay as long as Melvin just leaves Miguel alone.

Melvin had a trip to the groomers today and so I wanted to share a picture of him with his new do.

Here is another photo:

Is he not the cutest little puppy you have ever seen?

He's pretty darn cute. Btw, as far as the name thing goes, I wanted Winston or Cosby, but Mark really wanted Melvin. I'm very good at picking my battles, and figured I'd rather have a dog named Melvin than a child named Melvin, so I went with it. (-:

And yes we still miss Brinkley very much. I still have dreams about him, but his foster parent loved him so much she kept him and he is doing very well.

Happy Friday!


  1. Lol...poor Melvin with a bow in his hair...I thought they put bandanas on boys?

    But he does look super cute!

  2. LOL So cute! SO puffy and sweet! =) And I totally agree...a DOG named Melvin is MUCH better than a child. Haha!

  3. What a cutie pie! I love the 2nd pic!

  4. I love Melvin! Such a good nephew!

  5. When do we get to meet our great-granddog? :)

  6. Stopping by from SITS...cute puppy and a cute blog! =]


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