Friday, October 16, 2009

A Funny Story for Friday

To preface this story, I must say that I find things funny that sometimes other people don't, so I apologize ahead of time if you get to the end of this and you're like... that wasn't funny. I laughed. A lot. But you never know. (-:

Okay, so a little backstory: this is my dog, Miguel:

So this week, my boss' daughter was in a car accident (everyone's okay, the car needs some work!). So with everything going on with that and people around, my boss's wife had used Mark's phone to call him. My boss had also been calling a collision repair shop often on his phone.

So yesterday, my boss goes to call the collision repair shop.

Mark's number was still in his phone from when his wife called him.

So instead of calling the collision repair place, my boss called Mark.

Mark was at work, and his cell phone rang and he answers:

"Hello, this is Mark"

My boss says, "Is Miguel there?"

To which Mark replies, "Umm..... no.... he's not here"

My boss thinks he's calling the car place, asking for Miguel the mechanic.

Mark thinks it's a prank call about our dog.

My boss says, "This isn't collision repair is it?"

ha ha ha ha ha

So then they realize who they are talking to. And what are the odds of that? Mark should have said, "no, Miguel's not here, but Brinkley's here if you want to talk to him!"

Happy Friday Everyone!!!



  1. Miguel deserves his own post sometime soon. I think I could draw some significant parallels about Miguel's life to how we should all live.

  2. That is hilarious! I seriously laughed out loud!!!

  3. Granddaddy and I both laughed!!!

  4. lol hilarious. Happy Weekend =)

  5. hahaha! i just read this out loud to harrison and we were both dying laughing. -Tiff

  6. and i didnt mean to put my name twice. ive never commented so i didnt know it would do that. my bad.


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