Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Tire Exploded

So I was driving home from work on Tuesday, minding my own business, when I heard that loud noise. The unmistakable sound of a blow-out.

Right in the middle of rush hour on a very busy highway.

At that moment, I was living "life in the fast lane", so I didn't have time to get over the 3-4 lanes so I could be off in the grass on the right shoulder.

So I pulled off onto the left shoulder.... the shoulder that's next to the concrete median that is like barely as wide as my car.

I sat there, borderline freaking out, with my hazards on, in my Accord that was swaying every time another vehicle passed.

I realized I would have to get over to the far right shoulder. The tire that was blown out was front passenger side, and there would be NO WAY anyone could fix it without getting hit by a car.

See that little space there against that median? Yeah... that's where I was.

And I forgot to mention - I was on my way to pick up Brinkley at the groomers, and I was like ONE MILE AWAY. The grooming place closed at 5:30. And there I was, at 5:23, sitting in my car, definitely NOT moving.

So, I prayed for there to be an opening in traffic so that I could safely get over, and when I saw one, I went for it - me and all three of my working tires. It was terrifying, but I made it over to the shoulder (no thanks to the other drivers who didn't want to let me over!) I then climbed into the passenger seat to check out the tire:

See those huge holes in my tire? Yeah, not good.

And here I am, very sad:

So then Mark arrived. YAY!!!!

So he started to change the tire and I hopped in his car to go get Brinkley (the groomer already called to "tell me he was ready") ha.

So, after that was fixed we proceeded to the local tire repair place where we found out my other tires (except one) were all dry rotted and close to blowing out as well.


And even better, Mark needs new tires, too.

So.... $270 later, we have four new tires.

Here is Mark, enjoying dinner at the tire repair place.

Then we went home, thankful that I survived the ordeal, and with some new awesome tires.



  1. I hate tire problems and what an inconvience the timing always has to be.

    Thanks for visiting me on my special day, I hope you had time to enter my giveaways, See you soon,
    The Buzz

  2. That is that scariest thing that can ever happen I think. It happened to me once on a few years ago and now I am so paranoid whenever I drive on the highway. Thank God the story ended well.

  3. I'm so sorrrrrrry about your tire! I hate those things to happen, especially to someone as sweet as you. Glad you got new tires, makes me feel happy for you.
    Love the blog, love the cookies, love the doggie ~ Love you ~ Sunnie

  4. I am glad you made it out! This has happened to me before thank goodness it was my boyfriend driving and not me! I would have completely lost it! Kudos to you and keeping calm enough to get to the other side! =D

    Stopping by from SITs.

  5. Glad you got the tires taken care of. We want you to be safe out there!!!

  6. Oh my goodness. I have been after my husband for MONTHS to get new tires. I have such a fear of that happening! So, glad you got new tires and SOOO glad you were safe! Wow...scary!


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