Friday, October 30, 2009

The Most Gigantic, Super Scary, Pre-historic Moth

Oh my goodness.

I was leaving the apartment for work on Monday or Tuesday morning this is what I saw on the wall in the stairwell:

So, at first you might be thinking, it's not that big. Well, here's my hand so you can get an idea:

Yes - that is my hand. And that is that ginormous moth.

And here's the thing, you guys.

It has been there for like 4 days. FOUR DAYS!!! I don't know if it was there today - I didn't notice - but I was in a hurry. Anyway, the crazy thing is, it hasn't moved. And it's still alive. Maybe it is going to die there.

Until it does, though, I will continue to be freaked out every morning. This pic is of me the first morning I saw it, totally freaked out. By the way, I'm totally keeping it real in this pic. Confession: I put my mascara on in the car. White girls like me have zero pigment in the eyelashes, making it look like they are nonexistent. Probably shouldn't put mascara on the car...

Hopefully the moth doesn't kill me.



  1. That thing is NASTY! Hope it's gone by now!


    That's CRAZY!!!

    {And when I don't wear mascara people ask me if I'm ok. I look either sick or tired without it. LOL}

  3. HAHA, love the pic of you and the moth! :)

  4. super adorable blog you have here! Please consider me a new follower.


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